Double The Experts, Double The Fun In New Cutting Horse Clinic hosted By CHTO

CHTO first organization to offer cutting horse clinics nationwide.

Weatherford 7/18/2016 08:37 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Cutting Horse Training Online (CHTO), a Weatherford, Tx business is proud to offer cutters around the world a unique cutting horse clinic, featuring two Hall of Fame Riders, Gary Gonsalves and Grant Setnicka.

Never before have these two world-class trainers and competitors teamed up to share their expert advice and hands-on instruction with cutters keen to improve their skills at the clinic to be held on August 8th & 9th at the unparalleled J5 Ranch in Weatherford, Tx.
It's the latest clinic offering by CHTO, which now offers to organize clinics across the globe with leading trainers.

“CHTO has been bringing trainers to cutters across the globe through their computers and mobile devices since 2012,” co-founder Duncan Steele-Park said. “Now Cutting Horse Training Online will physically bring them to their doorstep via specialty clinics.”
The first clinic organized by Cutting Horse Training Online was held May 6-8th and was a run-away success. World Champion trainer Chubby Turner gave 10 participants two and half days of guidance and personal coaching as they learned how to master the art of cutting at the unique J5 Ranch in Weatherford, Tx.

"Our latest clinic is a double feature," said Steele-Park. "Participants get twice the value and twice the fun because they don't just have one set of expert eyes on them, they have two. Not only are they learning how to refine their training and showmanship from Gary, they have Grant teaching them as well. That way you have more opportunities to have those light bulb moments because you're getting the message in two ways," he said.
Gary Gonsalves is the current NCHA Summer Spectacular Derby Champion and has won more than $3.7-million. Grant Setnicka, a Gary Protege, is the NCHA Super Stakes Derby Reserve Champion, he just won the Breeders Invitational Derby with a 225 score and has total earnings of more than $1.7-million.

The CHTO clinics are designed to help cutters gain more confidence, more understanding, more self-awareness and more skills in a hands-on learning setting.

CHTO is inviting not just members, but anyone interested in cutting clinics, to contact them and let them know who, where and when they would like a clinic and CHTO will help organize it.

“It’s a service we are extremely excited about bringing to the cutting horse industry as a way for anyone to get personal hands-on learning in a fun, group environment. It will fast track your learning and skills and allows you make friends with trainers and cutters across the country,” said Steele-Park.

For more information or to register for CHTO’s clinic with Gary Gonsalves and Grant Setnicka, click HERE.


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