Buy Industrial Grade Powder Coating Equipment In New York from Booths and Ovens

Somerville 12/02/2016 10:31 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Booths and Ovens manufactures high end industrial grade powder coating equipment that meets the toughest demands of your powder coating business. When your clients demand the best results, our equipment delivers. Order new high end powder coating equipment in New York from us today and start getting better results at your powder coating shop. Our equipment comes with a warranty and is more affordable than you might think. Give our coating experts a call today at 877-647-1089.

Booths and Ovens has a wide variety of powder coating equipment to meet the needs of different sized powder coating businesses. We keep a large stock of various sizes to make sure you can find the equipment you need at a great price. Smaller powder coating operations can look at our 6’ ovens and 8’ spray booths. These systems are great for smaller operations that might have only one or two dedicated suppliers. However, we do have spray booths and coating ovens that go up to 12’ for powder coating operations that handle entire production lines for different companies.

Booths and Ovens manufactures the best powder coating equipment using the best parts. We work directly with the  best suppliers for the parts that go into our coating equipment to ensure you get a quality product that delivers exceptional results. We also ship our equipment factory direct to ensure you get the best possible price. Call Booths and Ovens today for more information at 877-647-1089 for more information. Our powder coating technicians can help answer any questions you may have and help you place your order.


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