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Atlanta 12/07/2016 04:18 PM GMT (TransWorldNews) offers members the ability to manage all of the content that is created on their social media accounts from one website with one profile. When you create a profile on Findit, you'll have access to your Findit dashboard and Findit Page, where members can upload a profile photo, a banner photo, an about section, a map of their business or the area where they live. From there, members can create status updates that can include 6000 characters, photos, a video, a link, a media, file, and a press release that can be scheduled out to post to their right not feed. can save you time when you are looking to get your message posted live to all of your social sites. You don't have to log into twitter to tweet to your followers, then switch over to Facebook and LinkedIn to pass along the same message. lets you post one status update through one platform and lets you include nearly every type of media you could possibly want to sure. Pull in Youtube video, create a photo gallery, bring in links that go to your website, or a news article that you wrote. helps you create versatile data rich status updates like never before that can be blasted to every social site that you want.

Join today and start getting your social status posted and shared seamlessly. We make managing your social media so easy that you can save yourself time by originating all of your content within Findit. Start using the platform today to increase your organic search results and improve your online presence. Call us at 404-443-3224.


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