US Air Purifiers Adds AirPura T600DLX to Inventory

Peoria 1/05/2017 08:28 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

US Air Purifiers, an Illinois-based firm specializing in home and commercial air purification systems, is pleased to formally announce the addition of the AirPura T600DLX to its inventory. The T600DLX is a high-quality system designed for maximum efficiency in the removal of cigarette and cigar smoke.

“The AirPura T600DLX meets one of the most common needs of our customers, which is enhanced smoke mitigation to reduce secondhand smoke exposure,” said Barb Lulay, owner and CEO of US Air Purifiers. The T600DLX makes use of a 26-pound bed of activated carbon filtration material to remove 4,000 chemical components of cigarette smoke, including 60 which are actively carcinogenic. The unit also features a separate tar filter, which removes some of the most dangerous organic tar components found in tobacco smoke.

This unit is designed for heavy-duty smoke mitigation. Ideal applications for the AirPura T600DLX include homes with a heavy smoker or multiple smokers in residence, cigar lounges, smoking rooms and other public places where smoking is permitted. Because it can cover up to 2,000 square feet, the AirPura T600DLX can be used in most restaurants and bars with smoking areas to limit the effects of secondhand smoke on nonsmoking patrons.

The T600DLX is now available for purchase on Customers with questions regarding this unit, its operation or whether or not it is a good choice are encouraged to contact US Air Purifiers for personalized help in selecting the best air purifier for their smoke mitigation needs.

About the Business:
Barb and Dick Lulay’s customers are passionate about naturally reducing their risk of disease. Their customer service and product expertise make shopping with and an ideal experience. With a full line of natural products such as air purifiers, natural supplements, green cleaners, weight management and paraben free skin care, families find they can conveniently do their household shopping online with home delivery. As successful business owners, the Lulays offer a mentoring program for other aspiring entrepreneurs. They present exceptional marketing tools and a training program that shows how to generate immediate income as well as long term passive income.


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