Make Sure Your Powder Coating Operation Is Starting With Pretreatment On Every Batch

Somerville 2/18/2017 02:30 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Booths and Ovens has the best pretreatment powder coating equipment on the market that powder coating operations can purchase and install at their operation to produce better results. Our pretreatment equipment will help you clean your parts prior to coating which will lead to better finishes and quicker turnaround to your clients. Call us today to discuss your needs with our powder coating technicians at 877-647-1089.

Booths and Ovens can help you produce better finishes by supplying you with the right machinery. By installing pretreatment machinery in your operation, you will be able to clean all your parts prior to coating. What this means for you is a faster turn around to your clients. This is accomplished by not having to repeat the process of spray coating and curing the parts due to imperfections caused by dirt, dust, or grime left behind on the part. When you pretreat your parts, you remove these surface contaminants, which allows you to finish the process faster.

Call Booths and Ovens today at 877-647-1089 to enhance your powder coating operation and give your business the upgrade it needs. We have a full suite of products in addition to our high end pretreatment powder coating equipment. When you partner with us for your powder coating equipment needs, you get the Booths and Ovens Advantage: Better Prices, Better Products, Better Support. Call Booths and Ovens today to get started at 877-647-1089.


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