List Your Roswell Home For Sale with Barry Wallis of Keller Williams Realty

Atlanta 2/24/2017 10:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Homeowners that are looking to list their home for sale in Roswell Georgia can rely on Barry Wallis, an experienced Keller Williams real estate agent, to help them get their home listed for sale and marketed to potential buyers. Call Barry Wallis today at 404-944-1000 to schedule your listing consultation and let Barry help you get your home in Roswell sold.

Listing your home with an experienced real estate agent can help make your real estate transaction a positive one. Selling a home is a big decision and many homeowners are busy preparing their home for sale and packing in preparation for their upcoming move. Having a real estate agent represent you and your home can help you focus on other matters, letting your agent take care of showings and offers.

Barry Wallis is committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals. Whether this is your first home sale or your fifth, Barry will make sure you are informed along the way. From coming up with target list and sale prices to helping you through closing, Barry will work with you to help get your home sold.

Call Barry Wallis today at 404-944-1000 to get your Roswell home listed for sale. Barry Wallis is an experienced real estate agent in Georgia and can help you get your home prepared for the market, listed, and sold. Give Barry a call today to schedule your Roswell home listing consultation.


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