SMARTdesks Designs NCWIT Aspirations Education Award Winner’s Classroom

Hibernia 3/01/2017 05:07 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Jean Cavanaugh is this years 2017 Northern California Educator Award of NCWIT Aspirations in Computing. Jean Cavanaugh has been teaching at Folsom High School in California where her classroom was designed and furnished by SMARTdesks. Not only does Jean have a passion for teaching but strives to help students learn efficiently. SMARTdesks also believes that having the right ergonomic classroom furniture can enhance the ability of students to learn and allows teachers to have a more flexible lesson plan. Call SMARTdesks today at 800-770-7042 to discuss your classroom needs with us.

SMARTdesks can enhance your classroom with a collaborative classroom design that implements ergonomic classroom furniture and multipurpose workstations that will create a more efficient learning space for your students that adapts to their needs for your lesson plan.

We have a variety of multi purpose workstations that will allow you to create a flexible classroom that meets the needs of various subjects. Many of our ergonomic classroom furniture workstations feature our flipIT monitor system that stores a computer screen within the desk. This enables students to convert their personal space from writing space to computer space instantly, which will allow for a more dynamic lesson plan.

Call SMARTdesks today to discuss your needs with us. We can help design you an entirely new classroom fitted with current technology and ergonomic classroom furniture that will enable you to enhance your lesson plan and your students’ ability to learn and partake in classroom activities. Reach us today at 800-770-7042 for more information.


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