Becomes a PADI Dive Center Offering PADI Scuba Diving Instruction

Complete your PADI Scuba Lessons at

Irvine 4/10/2017 08:45 PM GMT (TransWorldNews) PADI Instructors and it's instructional team has completed their PADI course program just in time for the scuba diving season ahead.

They offer open water certifications all the way through to leadership level courses. The team at can now offer dozens of specialty courses to assist customers in the proper use of their new scuba gear choices. They offer scuba equipment specialties along with the proper use of your new full face mask, dry suit and many others.

If you'd like to try out scuba driving-join them for a Discover SCUBA course-offered on a regular basis. Please visit and check the calendar of events if you live in Southern California and would like to participate.

Call our instructional team toll-free at 800-34-SCUBA with all of your scuba diving questions.


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