Creator and Consultant of Belle Reve Chef Paul Gerard Brings Great Food Full of Flavor To Hoboken New Jersey

New York 6/23/2017 06:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Chef Paul Gerard, creator and consultant of Belle Reve in NYC comes to Antique Bar and Bakery located in Hoboken New Jersey and is serving up delicious eats using his 1000 degree oven. Bringing fun and flavor to Hoboken, which is on the West side of the Hudson River, Chef Paul Gerard does not disappoint with delicious twists on American favorites like barbecue, salads, and fresh meats.

Antique Bar and Bakery is located at 122 Willow Avenue Hoboken New Jersey and is open from 5:30PM-11Pm Sun, Tuesday, and Wednesday and 12pm on Thursday-Saturday; bar hours are open till 2AM and 3am respectively.

With a range of salads and starters all with fresh herbs and ingredients to Chef Paul’s signature dirty rib eye, Antique Bar and Bakery is a great stop for brunch or dinner for all types of food lovers.

Antique Bar and Bakery is also famous for specialty cocktails and drinks. We have happy hour specials so come visit us after work!

For 100 years people brought Antique Bakery bread to their tables, now we're bringing the tables to the bread! Come join us for great fresh food and entertainment right here in Hoboken NJ.


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