Belle Reve NYC's Former Creator and Consultant Chef Paul Gerard Brings Unique Eats To Hoboken At Antique Bar and Bakery

New York 6/29/2017 01:20 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Chef Paul Gerard, former Belle Reve NYC creator and consultant, brings fresh food and an eclectic atmosphere to central Hoboken New Jersey at Antique Bar and Bakery. Bringing people together with a love of fresh food and shared comradery is what Chef Paul Gerard does best, so come on over to Antique Bar and Bakery and feel the heat from our 1000 degree coal burning oven.

At Antique Bar and Bakery, you can expect to fine refreshing salads, hot appetizers and entrees, and specialty cocktails every day of the week. Chef Paul Gerard is keeping the fire burning in our 1000 degree oven and we even have speciality ‘coal baked sides’ that come out sizzling hot.

One of our house favorites, is the ‘Dirty Rib-Eye’, which is over 2 pounds of bone to bone cut meat with an extended cook time to lock in all of the flavor. We also offer sauce pairings to go with it such as our herb puree, bordelaise, barbecue, red pepper, and black olive to give it an even more unique taste.

Come to Hoboken’s finest bar and bakery, Antique Bar and Bakery today and see what specialties Chef Paul Gerard is whipping up. Chef Paul is a lover of food, friends, family, and cooking and our welcoming atmosphere and quaint space brings lovers of food together. Come see us tonight at 122 Willow Avenue in Hoboken New Jersey!


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