Best Trumpet and Trombone Straight Mutes from Soulo Mute

What is Trumpet and Trombone Straight Mutes?

Collingswood 1/22/2018 04:48 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

A mute is a device fitted to a musical instrument to alter the sound produced by affecting the timbre or tone reducing the volume, or most commonly both. Generally, a mute for a brass instrument like Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Baritone Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, etc.) lowers the volume, and alters the timbre (tonal quality) of the instrument. A variety of mutes have been used on brass instruments, most of which either squeeze inside the bell of the instrument, or are hung or clipped to the outside of the bell. These mutes are typically made out of aluminum, brass, or copper metal, but more economical plaster, cardboard, and plastic versions exist. Each material produces a distinctive sound. Trumpet & Trombone mutes can take advantage of this by using materials like cane, leather, and steel.

Brass Instrument Mutes:-

Trombone and Trumpet cup mute are used extensively in Big Band music. It is also probably used most often in Jazz music. Mutes can often help trombone, and trumpet players blend better with their fellow instrumentalists, particularly in a small jazz ensemble setting. A brass player will also often use a mute to help lower the volume of their instrument when playing with a vocalist. There are several different types of brass instrument mutes. Each type of brass instrument mute imparts its own particular sound to the instrument. Variations on the materials as well as the construction of each mute type also affect the volume, and timbre of the muted brass instrument.

What is Trumpet and Trombone Straight Mutes?

The most common type is the straight mute, a hollow, cone-shaped mute that fits into the bell of the instrument. This results in a more metallic, sometimes nasal sound, and when played at loud volumes can result in a very piercing note. Straight mutes have small pieces of cork attached to the end that squeeze against the inside of the bell, and hold the mute in place. Trumpet and Trombone straight mute are available for all brass instruments like Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, etc. You can find lots of best mutes in the market which have standard, and intonation. Mostly the popular trumpet & Trombone straight mute has set a standard, which has been widely copied but never equalled. The hand crafting of these mutes gives the high-quality aluminium a 'work-hardened' quality, which makes for a very resonant product that will give a wonderful fortissimo when it is needed.

Soulo Mute is a brand of high quality Trumpet straight mutes for the professional trumpet and best gifts for trumpet players. Currently represented by its signature, well-known Bucket mute, as well as its Adjustable Fiber Cup, Copper Bottom trombone straight mute, trombone cup mute and All-Aluminum Straight. All Soulo Mutes have excellent pitch, beautiful tone and are extremely lightweight and free-blowing. The Adjustable Trombone Cup Mute allows for many color options, making it perfect for any performance, solo or section work.


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