GAF Shingles Lawsuit May Be an Option for Homeowners Experiencing Cracking Shingles

New York 5/26/2011 09:06 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Homeowners who experienced cracking of the Timberline shingles manufactured by GAF Materials Corporation may be able to participate in a GAF shingles lawsuit to recover compensation for damages. One GAF shingles lawsuit has already been filed, and those who experienced GAF shingles problems, such as cracking, may be able to participate in a similar legal action. To find out if you may qualify for a GAF shingles lawsuit, visit and complete the no cost, no obligation form on the right with details of your GAF shingles complaints

A GAF shingles lawsuit claims that the Timberline shingles produced at a Mobile, Alabama plant since 1997 cracked at a higher rate than shingles made in other plants. Allegedly, the company continued to market and sell its Timberline shingles as a long-term, premium shingle in South Carolina despite this knowledge. Furthermore, the GAF shingles lawsuit claims that the company did not try to inform consumers about the replacement of defective shingles even though it was aware of the GAF shingles problems and the damage a faulty roof could create. 

Because GAF Shingles Corporation has several plant locations across the country, and uses a different process to make Timberline shingles at each site, the attorneys working with Class would like to hear from property owners across the country to see if they have experienced GAF shingles problems, such as cracking. If so, legal recourse could potentially be available through a GAF shingles lawsuit. To learn more about GAF shingles lawsuits and to receive a free evaluation of your GAF shingles complaints, visit Class today. 

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