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London 6/08/2011 05:05 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The Canadian pharmaceutical market is the eighth largest in the world, accounting for about two percent of the world market by sales. Canada also has the fourth fastest growing pharmaceutical industry after China, the US and Spain and has shown a steady growth trend. The Canadian pharmaceutical industry is gradually becoming more favorable towards generic drugs rather than branded drugs. Pfizer is Canada's leading pharmaceutical company and generic manufacturer Apotex is the country's leading generic company, and the fifth largest pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Although the pharmaceutical industry claims to be a high-risk business, year after year drug companies enjoy higher profits than any other industry. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most innovative and profitable industries in Canada. This industry is composed of brand-name drug companies (which include biopharmaceutical companies) and generic drug companies. Both segments produce prescription and non-prescription drugs

Our report – Canada Pharmaceutical Industry – explores the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry landscape from the basics to the issues facing the industry today. The report delves in to the TRIPS agreement and the effect of the agreement on the Canadian pharmaceutical industry, growth trends in the industry, competition in the industry, etc.

The report also analyzes the Canadian pharmaceutical industry through two frameworks – a SWOT analysis and a Porter's Five Forces Business Strategy analysis. The report also looks at strategies for market entry, the role of R&D in the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry, and the role of the government in the industry.

Complete with a comprehensive section on the clinical trials, market investment opportunities going on in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry, our latest research is a collection of all you need to know about Canada's Pharmaceutical Industry.

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