Congress implicated in birth certificate Conspiracy?

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are implicated.

Sheridan 6/08/2011 09:55 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The United States government has been seized by a conspiracy. Over the last few years numerous votes have been suggested to repeal Article II – Section I – Clause V of the United States Constitution requiring any person who runs for president be a natural born citizen of this country. These votes to repeal this clause were made to try and pave the way for Barack Hussein Obama II to come to power and take the office of the President.

The US Patriots Union has released a new column today that shows the path taken to get Obama elected to the White House and why it is a fraud and a lie that was even allowed on the ballot in the first place.

This column explains how the political maneuvering of Obama’s allies led him to the highest seat of our government and why it is wrong that he be allowed to stay. The column goes over past votes, voting fraud and the history of a man who has accomplished almost nothing in his political career.

The column will also tell you what you can do to help. By clicking the following link you can write your legislators and let them know that we the people will not stand for these actions anymore. Help get the first illegal president in our nation’s history off the ballot for the next election and out of the White House.

This column is being hand delivered to the following members of the United States Congress: John Boehner; Rep Conyers, John, Jr; Rep Rohrabacher, Dana; Rep Sherman, Brad; Rep Frank, Barney; Rep Issa, Darrell E; Sen Coburn, Tom; Sen Leahy, Patrick J; Rep Pelosi, Nancy; Sen John Kerry; Sen McCaskill, Claire ; Supreme Court.



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