Indiana Enacts Synthetic Marijuana Ban

Denham Springs, Louisiana 7/13/2011 01:05 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Indiana’s governor, Mitch Daniels, has signed into law a bill that makes it illegal to possess or sell synthetic drugs that mimic the effects of marijuana.

While local Indiana authorities such as those located in South Bend have already made efforts to reduce the use and trade of these toxic substances, legislation has previously been lacking sufficient language in order to effectively outlaw designer cannabinoids.

Now Indiana authorities have the power to punish the sale of synthetic marijuana as a criminal act, to the fullest extent of the law.

According to a news article posted on the Drug Abuse Solutions website, police and prosecutors from South Bend, Indiana had already sent a formal request to stores that were known to be selling cannabinoids (known more commonly as K2 or Mr. Smiley) to pull the drugs off their shelves. Despite this, many stores quietly ignored the request. Now they’ll have no choice but dispose of these drugs or else face criminal charges.

Synthetic or designer drugs have made the news frequently in recent months. Problems arising from “fake bath salts,” in particular, sent hundreds of people to emergency rooms for poisoning and overdose. This new Indiana law is just one in a series of efforts by legislators and law enforcement officials throughout the country in the fight against the growing designer drug trend.

South Bend, Indiana drug rehabs frequently have to deal with the problem of addiction to substances that technically aren’t even illegal in the state of Indiana. This is because the newest designer drugs hit the market and legislators lag behind in banning them, even though they have very similar effects to illegal drugs already on the market and can become addictive in their own right.

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