The Most Successful Crack Addiction Treatment in the Nation

Albion 7/19/2011 04:09 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

An overview of crack addiction

Crack Addiction TreatmentCocaine is a powerful drug.  It is very addictive compared to other synthetically produced substances, is a major problem in all 50 states in the US, and comes in two different forms – crack (or “rock” as it is oftentimes called) and powder form.  Not only are there issues with crack in all 50 states, the DEA claims that it is one of the top 4 substances nationwide where addiction, distribution, and trafficking of illegal substances are concerned along with heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamines.

A word about crack addiction treatment and recovery

The treatment and recovery process for crack addiction is oftentimes lengthy and very unpleasant for the addicted individual.  The Freedom Center is well aware of the powerfully addictive nature of cocaine, whether in crack or powder form.  However, we also know that other issues drive that addiction, such as behavioral or psychological issues.  In many instances, most addictions stem from depression or other behavioral disorders.

Unfortunately, the more conventional crack addiction treatment programs do not focus on this and oftentimes neglect or overlook the emotional and psychological issues by only addressing the physical ones.  The Freedom Center offers alternative programs as well as the most innovative therapies where crack addiction treatment is concerned.  We designed and developed programs that enable our clients to leave our facility and return to society, while maintaining their new lifestyle and remaining substance-free for life.

Additionally, many of our clients leave the Freedom Center, return to society and become the contributing, productive individuals that they once were.  We have a 70% (or greater) success rate which is the highest in the US.  The conventional crack addiction treatment programs out there fail roughly 80% of the time.  Basically, this means that 8 out of every 10 addicted individuals who go through these conventional programs eventually relapses into a substance addiction again.

How we can help you overcome your addiction

Clients who enroll in the Freedom Center crack addiction treatment and recovery programs are taught nine key elements that they benefit from once they have completed the program and return to their communities.  They learn how to:

  • improve their problem-solving skills
  • restore their sense of ethics as well as their integrity, morals, and responsibility
  • avoid future harmful situations
  • overcome an attitude of living in the past
  • use the recovery tools we teach them to gain additional knowledge and retain it
  • purge their bodies of all substances and residues
  • communicate with other individuals more effectively
  • confront negative or threatening situations
  • control those negative or threatening situations

If you would like more information about the Freedom Center’s crack addiction treatment and recovery programs, please call us at the toll-free phone number listed above.


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