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Lake Worth 7/26/2011 03:43 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

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While entering a treatment program for alcohol addiction is a good move, it is just the beginning on a long journey to recovery. Christian alcohol treatment programs are an excellent choice for giving people the best opportunity for achieving sobriety. It is ideal for those "graduating" from a Christian treatment program to become active in a local church and take advantage of the support systems that are available, usually for free or a nominal fee.
Christian alcohol treatment is accepted by many churches across the United States, simply because the Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 step approach has its roots in the teachings of the Bible. These treatment programs encourage alcoholics to take inventory of their lives and embrace all that a faith community has to offer. Through prayer and daily Bible study, these treatment programs strive to constantly encourage alcoholics every step of the way.
Local churches welcome alcoholics in recovery with open arms, without judgment or scorn. This is particularly important in the early days of recovery, when people’s emotions are still fragile and raw. Many larger churches, like Calvary Chapel and Saddleback Church, have Celebrate Recovery programs as part of their involvement in the overall health of the community. The churches recognize that faith and spirituality plays a significant part in the success of each alcoholic’s recovery and that the journey is not without challenges.
There is an unspoken understanding from churches around the country that alcoholics can find strength from the fellowship of other alcoholics. By participating in every available program that the churches offer, alcoholics are able to confidently walk towards a brighter future - a sober and healthy one.


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