Under the Knife: 14 Most Common Medical and Cosmetic Procedures in the USA

Tempe 8/10/2011 03:31 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

AccessRx.com, the web's leading online medication facilitator is debuting a new infographic on its website to educate consumers on the  "Top Medical Procedures and Cosmetic Procedures in the USA".

It was not too long ago, just over 100 years where medical procedures such as Bloodletting, Lobotomies and leech therapies were common place. Thankfully, we have advanced tremendously in healthcare technology where you can wear a top-hat as a fashion accessory rather than covering up the hole in your head from one of those wacky procedures.

Now you can get a glimpse into just how much America spends on the most common medical and cosmetic procedures.

Here’s a glimpse at the top medical procedures and their yearly cost to us.

CT Scan

Every year we spend 158 billion dollars on 62 million CT Scans (Cat Scans). That breaks down to approximately $270-$4800 per scan. That’s an average of $2535 per person. Unfortunately, 30% of these high priced scans are completely unnecessary and useless to making a correct diagnosis.

Physical Exam

Each year 35 billion dollars is spent on a pricy 64 million physical exams. This breaks down the cost for each exam ranging within $100-$1000, with an average cost of $550 per person. That’s about the cheapest your bill can be when going to the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, you are really only paying for 10-15 minutes of face time with the physician.


1.6 million men go in for neonatal circumcision each year. The yearly price tag is 2.5 billion dollars. The average cost per man is $1575, though the cost ranges from $150-$3000. The downside to watching your money and manhood being ripped away is that money cannot buy a faster recovery time. Most recovery periods can last 6 weeks or more.

C Sections

Every year 1.4 million women undergo C Sections, costing an average of $6200. This hikes the annual bill up to 8.7 billion dollars. The duration of this typical procedure is 30-60 minutes. At least it’s over quick, right?

Breast Augmentation

In 2010, over 200,000 breast augmentations were done. The average cost for a boob job is $3351. The annual bill is resting at an oversized $670 million dollars. The recovery time is equally as painful at 6-8 weeks after a 2 hour surgery.


Approximately 1.1 billion dollars are spent annually on rhinoplasty (nose jobs). That breaks down to $4300 per surgery for each of the 252,000 people that went through this surgery. The recovery time is 2-4 weeks and the surgery can last up to 1 ½ hours.

These are just a few examples of what the new Infographic will spotlight. Please check out the graphic for further details on other frequent surgeries at http://www.accessrx.com/blog/14-most-common-medical-and-cosmetic-procedures



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