Hip Hop Jewelry Retailer HipHopBling.com Releases Cluster Bracelets

Cluster Bracelets Available in Many Colors and Multi Rows

HipHopBling.com USA 8/22/2011 07:55 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The cluster style chains and bracelets are taking the hip hop community by storm! For any jewelry fan, the hottest men's chain on the market is the cluster style chain. Rappers, athletes and highly paid celebrities in general are getting these types of items custom made by high profile jewelers. Unlike other types of hip hop chains, this highly intricate style is unique and shines from various angles due to the large amount of stones used. hip hop jewelry retailer hiphopbling.com has released an affordable replica made with less expensive materials. In addition, the matching bracelets are now available in various color combinations and sizes.

The cluster style is an extremely intricate design with a very large amount of stones. They are a relative bargain compared to solitaire link bracelets because they are made of multiple smaller stones per link rather than one large stone. On the cluster style, there is usually one large stone in the centers of each link, surrounded by a series or smaller stones. Each stone is usually hand set due to the highly intricate nature of the style. Prongs are used to hold each diamond in place and the result is a piece of jewelry with a great shine. Because so many smaller stones are used, light tends to hit the piece from various angles, creating a look that glistens incredibly.

Cluster bracelets are generally still very expensive, even though the smaller diamonds are used. Combined with the high price of labor and soaring price of gold, even a small cluster chain or bracelet can cost thousands. The replica version at hiphopbling.com provides the look and feel of the genuine article, without the high cost. Savings are achieved simply by combining the same skilled labor with lower cost materials. The bracelets are made with an alloy base metal rather than a precious metal. Stones are high quality crystals rather than genuine diamonds.

The cluster bling bling bracelets offered at hip hop bling are available in a multitude of colors and sizes. The most popular are the gold and silver finish versions with clear simulated diamond stones. This is the most common color. In addition to the standard colors, modern color combos like black on black are now very popular. Exotic color combos that use a variety of stone colors is also available, providing customers with the look of a custom piece of jewelry. The cluster bracelets are also available from 1 row to a massive 4 row size. The 1 row is the basic size that matches the chain. However, because they are so narrow they are not as masculine as larger sizes. The most popular are the 2 and 3 row varieties, because they suit a large audience. For those seeking an over the top look, rare 4 row versions are also available.

In addition to cluster chains and bracelets, hip hop bling carries a full range of all things hip hop jewelry related. The company has over 4500 items featuring chains, bracelets, watches, earrings, rings and more. More celebrity style jewelry is added on a weekly basis and the company is constantly researching and designing new products.



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