Lemonade Color Combination Taking Hip Hop Jewelry by Storm

Lemonade Hip Hop Jewelry - The New Popular Trend

HipHopBling.com USA 8/24/2011 04:05 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

In the world of hip hop jewelry, unique is the key word. Hip hop style in general is often bold, extravagant, and very different than mainstream fashion. When it comes to jewelry, we have seen jewelers' skills pushed to the limit to create large, one of a kind masterpieces that involves hundreds or thousands of stones. Colorful gemstones makes a piece stand out from the rest. Although the standard for most jewelry is still platinum or white gold with clear stones, many stars and artists have been seen with black on black diamond jewelry and most recently, "lemonade" jewelry. Lemonade jewelry is the combination of yellow gold pieces with canary yellow diamonds. The look is truly unique. Canary diamonds are expensive and rare. It is often beyond the reach of an average person's budget. However, various exclusive hip hop jewelry retailers offer affordable varieties which are made with less expensive materials.

Lemonade hip hop jewelry transcends all types of men's jewelry. This style is seen on watches, bracelets, rings, watches and chains. Most celebrities would wear all lemonade style jewelry together to have a matching set look. The most expensive items are usually chains, medallions and watches. This is because these items are the largest, requiring the most gold and diamonds. Specialty online retailers such as hiphopbling.com offers a full line of affordable lemonade style jewelry, many of which are custom designed and inspired by the pieces seen on hip hop stars, pro athletes and Hollywood A listers. A popular piece is a Jesus piece pendant owned by Kanye West. It is a solid yellow gold piece that has canary yellow stones throughout, making the pendant look like it has blond hair. It has become known as the blonde Jesus pendant. Other rappers such as Gucci Mane have been seen wearing lemonade iced out chains and bracelets in the multi row style.

Generally on these type of items, the craftsmanship involves setting hundreds if not over 1000 stones on a single item. Labor costs are very high due to the time involved in hand setting each stone with prongs. Even on replica versions, the labor is intense even though no gold or diamonds are used. However, the prices are generally kept to a minimum due to large quantities being crafted at the same time. On most replica lemonade jewelry, an alloy metal is used as a base metal. The item is then plated with gold to give the same finish as yellow gold without the high cost. The "diamonds" are actually crystals that have been color treated to give the appearance of a bright yellow canary diamond. Once set onto the gold finished piece the results are stunning.

Imitation or not, the result is still rather dazzling and highly unique. When lemonade style is done on a chain or pendant, it is highly distinctive and eye catching. The combination is elegant on a wrist watch as well, creating a one of a kind iced out look comprised of all yellow. While some specialty jewelers carry the Lemonade hip hop jewelry color combination, hip hop bling has devoted an entire section of their website for these unique one of a kind pieces.



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