Narconon Georgia Salutes Graduates During National Recovery Month

Atlanta, GA - 9/14/2011 12:30 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Narconon Georgia, with a success rate of 76%, salutes their stably recovered graduates in observance of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month).  They are sharing some their graduate’s successes while spreading the positive message that treatment is effective and that people can and do recover. 

Recovery Month, now in its 22nd year, highlights individuals who have reclaimed their lives and are living happy and healthy lives in long-term recovery and also honors the treatment and recovery service providers who make recovery possible. Recovery Month also promotes the message that recovery in all its forms is possible and also encourages citizens to take action to help expand and improve the availability of effective recovery services for those in need.

“We are dedicated to observing Recovery Month and are saluting our graduates in the hope that parents, loved ones and even addicts themselves will see the stories and learn that recovery is possible,” says Mary Rieser, Executive Director for Narconon Drug Rehab in Georgia. 

“We are so proud of our graduates and the productive lives they are now living and hope that these few success from the myriad we have will help encourage others to seek recovery,” says Rieser. 

“Last holiday season, my life was a mess.  The Easter before, I had shown up to my family’s dinner totally wasted, nodding out over my dinner plate.  As a result, I had officially been uninvited to all future holidays until I decided to clean my life up…  A lot has changed since then, I am no longer a slave to drug addiction.  I have been at Narconon for four months.  I haven’t been strung out and every day I wake up happy and healthy.  I’m not dope sick anymore.  I feel better than I ever have since I started using drugs.  I talk to my family all the time and they are happy that I am doing so well and am healthy.”


“… Within 6 months, I was completely broke because I’d had $60,000 disappear and spent the rest on crack. I started to hate myself for losing everything that my father had worked his entire life to give me…  This program has absolutely saved my life. While I was here, I learned how to confront the things in my life that I was running from. 

“Before I came to sauna I was lost and in a constant daze.  When I first got there to be honest I thought it was going to be pointless and wasn’t going to help me.  I had no energy and no spirit really.  All I could think about was dope.  After a week or so I could feel the weight of drugs lift and the fog in my head start to lift...  For the longest time I had lost the feeling in my fingertips.  Somehow the sauna brought the feeling back.  I felt better than I ever had and had energy and really a lot more hope I had in myself.  Now I am clear minded and I never think about drugs anymore …”

“When I got to this fine establishment  on January 23rd,  I was an absolute mess.  I had given up on everything; I had a very serious addiction to Xanax. By using the technology I’ve learned from the program I will never see the day the way I saw it on Jan 23rd.”

To hear more from the graduates and learn more about their stories visit

Narconon of Georgia, located in Atlanta, is a private non-profit agency that is licensed by the State of Georgia. The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Education program was founded in 1966 by William Benitez and uses the drug-free rehabilitation and social education methodology based on research developed by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. For over a decade, the Georgia center has provided Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation and Recovery Services to individuals throughout the nation that are dealing with alcohol and substance abuse. Additionally, they offer drug education and are involved in community outreach programs. Their motto is “Recovery is more than a dream...” For more information visit their website at  or call toll-free 877-413-3073.



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