Recalled Wisconsin Senator Busted for DUI

Madison 10/22/2011 02:33 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Randy Hopper, a Republican Senator who was recalled in August, was arrested for DUI in Fond du Lac this past Sunday. Luckily, this is his first so his DWI attorney won’t have trouble getting leniency.

Local police were called to the parking lot of a grocery store to talk to Hooper, his wife and his 18 year old daughter to talks about his reckless driving that was reported earlier in the day. The complainant’s daughter also told police that he almost got into a head-on collision.

Police noticed that Hopper’s eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol. Hopper at first denied having anything to drink but later admitted that he had two beers at a Green Bay Packer’s game. During the field sobriety test, he seemed unsteady on his feet and was not able to follow directions. He refused a preliminary breath test, which is often the recommendation of DWI lawyers.

A dash camera caught Hopper telling his arresting officer to never run for office.

Hopper, 45, had his 25 year old girlfriend, Valerie Cass in the car with him at the time of the arrest. Cass  later approached his wife and daughter and began yelling at them.

Hopper can now add DUI to the list of scandals that have plagued him recently. The impact that this has on his future will be minimal as long as he finds an accomplished DWI lawyer


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