Dramatic footage of Marine Search and Rescue released by Webtel.mobi

New York 11/16/2011 07:34 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The Webtel.mobi Intercontinental Challenge - TV Documentary

The television documentary of the Webtel.mobi Intercontinental Challenge – including the dramatic Search and Rescue of the Webtel.mobi Challenger – has now been made available for public viewing on the internet.

The documentary can be accessed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWUp-0n2JC8

The Webtel.mobi Challenge was the challenge extended by Specialized Mobile Provider Webtel.mobi for the first intercontinental crossing by jet-wing. Done as a principled marketing campaign, it was one of the most successful marketing events in history - with the Associated Press reporting that up to half the world’s population could have been exposed to the TV coverage on the day of the event. See: http://www.aptn.com/8025701A003B2562/(httpHeadlines)/E57E642536B8912680257690003946F3?OpenDocument

Webtel.mobi turned itself into its own television broadcaster for the day of the event, filming and broadcasting it live to satellites in Europe, the Americans and Asia for free and unrestricted broadcast by any TV station that wanted to use the footage. This resulted in The Challenge was broadcast live worldwide on all the major global television news channels and hundreds of others in almost every country worldwide – as the company effectively re-wrote the rules of global marketing strategies and techniques.

The Webtel.mobi Challenge followed the company’s approach of combining its marketing with an event that will inspire people, in this case trying to show that it is possible for anyone to achieve as long as one works hard and perseveres, and is not of trying – even if an obstacle seems impossible.

This mirrored the experience of Webtel.mobi in implementing the Challenge. The company had faced naysayers at every turn, with every company and entity that it originally approached to manage and implement the event telling them that it couldn’t be done. Applying the same approach that it uses in its commercial operations, and tries to project in its marketing, the company refused to bow to the negative sentiment and therefore did all of the research and planning and preparation for the entire event itself.

Not only did the event succeed, it become the marketing coup of the decade, and was possibly the most viewed television event in history, echoing the philosophy of the company, which is that “great things are achieved by ordinary people who do the extraordinary – something that all of us can achieve".


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