Pro Step Marketing develops print to web marketing plan for Macomb County, MI top real estate professional to help homeowners facing foreclosure.

Denver 12/13/2011 10:50 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Pro Step Marketing develops a marketing strategy to work with distressed sellers facing foreclosure for the Aileen Potter team in the Macomb County, MI real estate market. The results of this strategy is providing homeowners who are facing foreclosure options on how options like a short sale can assist them.

Aileen Potter, of the RE/MAX Acclaim, said the new strategy works and as leaders in their market they feel it is imperative to share with distressed homeowners that they are options other than the foreclosure route. "One of biggest challenges is getting the word out to let distressed homeowners know that there are options.  Tricia Andreassen and the Pro Step Marketing team have created a marketing plan that allows us to reach those sellers effectively. Andreassen states that consumers today are looking for help, getting information on line and that they are also reading newspapers and such. This website gives the homeowner a way to get real information and learn more.”

People who visit to Help Avoid Foreclosure in Macomb County are provided with detailed information about how a short sale may be an option instead of a foreclosure. In addition there are tools such as free reports, checklist and qualifying forms to help the seller through this process. “Many homeowners are hiding and not sharing that they are in trouble. They are embarrassed and want to get information on their own terms”, says Andreassen, founder of Pro Step Marketing.

For more information, visit or call 866-799-9888


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