What Is Percodan Substance Abuse Treatment?

Delray Beach, Florida 12/15/2011 03:55 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Percodan Substance Abuse TreatmentWhat is Percodan normally prescribed for?

The marketed brand name for the Endo Pharmaceuticals compound of aspirin and Oxycodone HCL is Percodan. It is usually prescribed for the treatment of pain ranging from the moderate to the severely acute. It is a semi-synthetic narcotic and is one of the strongest analgesics (painkillers) available today. It also has a high potential for addiction as tolerances build-up quickly. Where duration and structure are concerned, it is chemically different from heroin, opium, and other opioids.

Common side effects and warning signs of abuse

Percodan, just like any other potentially addictive drug on the streets, exhibits a variety of side effects and warning signs when used recreationally. These include:

  • tolerance
  • sedation
  • nausea and vomiting
  • mental and/or physical impairment
  • lightheadedness
  • euphoria
  • drowsiness
  • dizziness
  • constipation
  • blurred vision
  • accidental injury

Long-term prescribed use of Percodan is typically employed to treat chronic pain associated with terminal illnesses such as cancer. However, this can still result in tolerance build-up and dependency on the drug. So even when used legally, addictions are still possible.

Percodan addiction

Percodan is extremely popular with the recreational drug user crowd because of its euphoric side effects, despite the fact that the segment of the population that is most likely at risk for developing a Percodan addiction are seniors. Additionally, there are “red flags” or warning signs that an individual is suffering from a Percodan overdose. These signs include:

  • cardiac arrest
  • circulatory collapse
  • clammy and cold skin
  • coma
  • hypertension
  • respiratory depression
  • skeletal muscle flaccidity
  • stupor

If you feel that any of the above side effects or warning signs applies to either you or a loved one, you are most likely a candidate for a Percodan substance abuse treatment program and should seek professional help immediately.

Let us help you overcome your addiction to Percodan

The Delray Recovery Center is well-known for having the highest recovery success rates in the US where addiction treatment and recovery programs are concerned. Our Percodan substance abuse treatment program is no exception to that rule. The 5-phase step-down model that we utilize combined with the Holistic and traditional therapies that we employ in conjunction with that model enable us to customize our programs to the individual. Unlike other addiction rehab facilities, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to this.

We offer certain activities and programs that increase your chances of a successful recovery while at the same time enhancing the substance-free experience for you. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible should you need further information on our Percodan substance abuse treatment program.



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