Pro Step Marketing develops Short Sale Website Marketing Plan for top real estate professional in AREA to help homeowners avoid facing foreclosure.

Denver 12/15/2011 06:05 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Denver, NC – 12-13-2011 - Pro Step Marketing, a real estate-focused marketing strategy, design and implementation firm, works with Lucien Laviolette in Las Vegas to develop and launch a marketing plan and new website focused on assisting distressed homeowners find comprehensive information and to investigate options to avoid foreclosure. As a real estate professional specializing in handling short sales, a real estate transaction option that banks will consider instead of foreclosure with specific guidelines, Laviolette knows how important it is in today’s market to provide essential knowledge to homeowners in Las Vegas facing financial challenges.

Those who visit this Las Vegas website to Help Avoid Foreclosure will find information regarding the process of foreclosure, what effects foreclosure has on a homeowner, and ways to prevent the foreclosure process from continuing. The website features easy-to-understand informational tools such as a list of frequently asked questions, a glossary of terms, free reports and other resources that allow the homeowner to get their questions addressed in a confidential manner.

Additionally, the Pro Step Marketing designed website offers distressed homeowners information regarding short sales, often a viable solution to foreclosure that can save a distressed homeowner from the damaging effects foreclosure has on their credit. Laviolette’s full plan also focuses on “getting the word out” to sellers in Las Vegas by offering information by mail and local media. This process allows homeowners who may be facing these challenges to know what other options may be available then just bankruptcy or foreclosure. With a description of how the short sale process works, how it compares to a foreclosure, and how a homeowner may be able to qualify for a short sale, this plan allows distressed homeowners to evaluate all their options and know that there are experts in the Las Vegas that can help them.  

Pro Step Marketing is the real estate marketing strategy leader in providing fully executed marketing plans for real estate professionals from print to web. Pro Step Marketing’s marketing specialties include brand building, offline marketing, web design and search engine optimization. Led by Tricia Andreassen, real estate industry expert, author and speaker, the firm focuses on providing turn-key solutions that help REALTORS® grow their business.


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