Cell Phone Shop offers new products in time for Christmas

Cell Phone Shop provides reliable delivery and unbeatable prices on new products this season.

Salt Lake City 12/15/2011 11:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Cell Phone Shop (CellPhoneShop.net) is jolly to announce they now carry a new line of cell phone accessories, right in time for Christmas.

Some of the new products include wireless Bluetooth keyboards, Dock Connectors to VGA Adapters, cell phone controlled mini helicopters and custom iPhone accessories like skins.

Cell Phone experts recommend the wireless Bluetooth keyboard for those people who need to do work such as writing e-mails, from their cell phones and are tired of typos and misspelling words because of using an inefficient cell phone keypad.

A dock connector to VGA adapter is a good present for those who want to see their iPhone or iPad videos and projects on a television screen.

Cell Phone Shop has announced their deadline to order gifts in time Christmas is Dec. 21 by using FedEx Priority delivery. All orders placed after the deadline will be processed as normal, but will not guarantee for delivery before Christmas Day.

Cell Phone Shop prides themselves in a broad line of products, superior quality, reliable delivery and unbeatable prices. You can follow Cell Phone Shop on Facebook and Twitter and check out their blog that keeps up to date on new information about the mobile industry.

About Cell Phone Shop:

Cell Phone Shop is a leading one- stop online store where you can find quality and innovative cell phone and tablet computer accessories at highly competitive prices. Cell Phone Shop carries accessories for both the latest and older model cell phones. Cell Phone Shop’s extensive range of accessories includes batteries, chargers, adapters, cases, protective covers, holsters, holders, screen protectors, cables, memory cards, Bluetooth headsets, car kits, speakers, keyboards, styluses and much more. Cell Phone Shop guarantees a secure check out and toll free phone support is available from 9 am to 6 pm EST Monday- Friday, by calling (866) 381- 1670.



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