Pro Step Marketing teams with Drew Buniski to develop real estate focused website.

Denver 12/15/2011 03:24 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Drew Buniski of Country Properties located in Easton, MD, has partnered with Pro Step Marketing to develop a new website with  free resources as part of an extensive marketing strategy to show Buniski’s dedication to his community and local real estate market.

Buniski, a real estate specialist, wanted a site where buyers could easily search for properties and get information about the Easton, Oxford and St.Michaels, MD areas while at the same time assuring their sellers that their properties will been seen. 

Buniski’s new website – - provides numerous resources and real estate tools to the general public.

Pro Step Marketing, located in the Lake Norman town of Denver, NC, provides Real Estate Web Design marketing consultation and education services to real estate agents across the country, including logo design, branding services for print and web, website design and development, and implementation of lead generation and search engine optimization. Pro Step Marketing has a team dedicated to pulling all the pieces together so their clients can finally get the results they've always wanted from their real estate marketing strategy.


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