Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Ask Churches For Help With Programs

Christian Addiction Treatment Needs the Local Church

Lake Worth, FL 1/10/2012 04:40 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Pastors Support Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

In the fight against drug addiction, substance abuse treatment centers have recognized that they cannot do it alone. This is why substance abuse treatment centers across the country ask churches for help with programs. With the increase in popularity of Christian addiction treatment centers, churches play an integral role in helping people renew their physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

Churches provide valuable services for substance abuse treatment centers. The infrastructure of a local church can often provide structured support groups and activities for the addicts in recovery at substance abuse treatment centers in the community. One popular program that many churches offer is the Celebrate Recovery program. This program was started over twenty years ago, and remains the most well-known Christian addiction treatment program in the country. Many large churches offer Celebrate Recovery, and smaller churches are adding the program to their list of services.

Substance abuse treatment centers realize that they cannot provide their addicts in recovery with every program, so have no problem asking local churches for assistance. Churches are able to offer addicts continued spiritual guidance, which is critical for the achievement of their sobriety. Christian addiction treatment centers in particular work closely with local churches and many addicts regularly attend services on a weekly basis.

When everyone works together to help addicts recover from their addiction, everyone wins. Substance abuse treatment centers and churches love to watch as God works to heal their wounded hearts and rebuild them as stronger, more productive members of society. Churches know that they play a vital part in helping people free themselves from the bonds of addiction.


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