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Green Consulting Breakthrough Announced

01/17/2011 08:06 PM

In fact, the expectation is that this software will reach more than 100,000 businesses across America. With about 350 consultants, the next stage of development is obvious. There is a need to est...


Green Entrepreneurs Find New Challenge

12/20/2010 04:21 AM

Those that know how to make business happen are some of the sharpest people on earth. When others see trash, they see treasure. When others are selling, they are buying. The ability to see the o...


Green Business Needs Less Talk and More Action

12/20/2010 03:53 AM

A new system for Green business development will premier on January 1st, 2011. This is one of those quantum leaps that will change whole communities and make a big difference in our level of envir...


La Liga de Negocios Verdes Visita Lima, Peru

09/29/2010 07:09 PM

El programa de La Liga de Negocios Verde estamos orgullosos de anunciar y celebrar una abertura magnifica en Suramérica con una visita en Lima, Perú. Lorena Muro está certificada como Consultante ...


Greentreprenuer Training in Tampa FL

09/28/2010 07:39 PM

Green Business League is offering it highly-acclaimed Green consultant training in Tampa and Dallas. For those with a strong desire to change the face of their community, this is one of those rare...


Green Business League In South America

09/28/2010 07:10 PM

The Green Business League will be visiting the beautiful country of Peru to develop governmental and business partnership to program Green business practices. Central and South America is an impor...


Warning about Green Certifications

08/04/2010 05:12 PM

Buying your Green certification online sounds easy enough, but the question is where this falls into the area of deceptive practices since your customers tend to trust that your certification is le...


The Next Big, Green Thing

08/04/2010 03:39 PM

An invitation-only event will be held on Jan 14-15, 2010 in Miami for those with the skills to build a chapter of The Sustainable Forum


Greening South Africa with Green Business League

07/14/2010 06:14 PM

South Africa is a progressive nation that is ready to apply Green standards and bring Green to business.


As the Ozone Layer Heals, Green Business gets a Headache

07/02/2010 01:09 PM

Outside air is only part of the problem, we spend more time in bad air quality facilities, and it lasts a lifetime.


How Green is your Bathroom

06/30/2010 10:48 PM

Simple ideas that save water, save costs, and fit into the basic steps needed for any Green company.


Train Your Own Sustainability Officer

06/27/2010 09:26 PM

The fact is that it will not be long until every Green business will have a sustainability officer.


Could Your Green Certification be Worth-Less?

06/22/2010 09:44 PM

Is paying $50 or $500 for a Green certification a really bad idea for your company? The answer should change the way to see Green!


Voting with Green Dollars

06/16/2010 02:26 PM

Businesses pay attention to spending trends, but customers also need to understand Green Certifications.


Green Business League Brings Green Certification to South Africa

06/15/2010 03:41 PM

Greg Seymour brings years of environmental experience to his native land. Green businesses will find a tremendous partner in Green certification efforts.


Marlyand Appraisal Firms Earns Green Certification

06/12/2010 02:58 AM


The Risks of Greenwashing.

06/07/2010 01:09 AM


The Sure Cure for Greenwashing

05/26/2010 10:45 PM

We are passing through the Wild West of Green and will eventually emerge in a time when Green means something.


Green Business Get Major Recognition

05/24/2010 12:42 AM

Green certified business named in Independent Retailer


CSR meets PR For Green Businesses

05/18/2010 09:32 PM

The sustainability plan has a specific purpose, but so does a well-done public relations campaign. A mach up of the two may be detrimental.

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