Eli Lilly & Co., LLY - Eli Lilly,Children International Launches Teen Campaign to Reduce TB Cases in India

Rochester,NY 8/15/2009 01:13 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Lilly MDR TB Partnership and Children International launched a yearlong public awareness campaign aimed to bolster the TB eradication in India.Lilly MDR TB Partnership, with the support of the local government, hopes the campaign will empower the teen community with necessary resources to help reach out to the 800 community members residing in two high risk neighborhoods of Kolkata.


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Under the program, 15-20 motivated trained teens will be trained to become 'Youth Peer Educators' or YPEs who will then use a variety of health education techniques, including street theater, school presentations and discussions, and one-on-one counseling to educate the community.

Recently significantly large numbers of TB cases have been identified in the densely populated urban slum areas of Narkeldanga and Jorasanko because families (averaging 5 in number) are living in spaces restricted areas of 50- 100 sq. feet under unhygienic conditions and without proper ventilation increasing the transmission rate of this infectious bacteria.

The success rate of government control programs in West Bengal is 84.1 %, which is slightly lower than the national average with nearly 7% of patients defaulting in the DOTS program. The number of registered TB patients in WB is more than 100,000 with more than 50,000 new cases added every year.


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