Big Brother 10: Jerry Wins POV, Michelle Wears Unitard

Atlanta, GA 8/06/2008 09:21 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Last night on Big Brother 10, Jessie caused drama between his enemies after running to tell HOH April that Libra and Keesha were talking bad about her in another room. The three girls began yelling at each other before Renny and Jerry got involved. The group soon figured out that Jessie was behind all the drama and Libra and Kessha yelled at him.

America’s Player Dan received his next task. This time he was instructed to hug Jessie for 10 seconds. Dan gets Jessie alone in the sauna room and made up a story about his girlfriend. He cried and got Jessie to hug him for 17 seconds, completing his second task.

The power of veto competition was held. April, Jessie, Memphis, Libra, Jerry and Michelle competed in the mini hockey game. Renny was the host.

The contestants each had a hockey stick and hit a puck into a goal that was divided into numbered slots. The middle slot was the POV and who ever hit their puck into the slot farthest away from the POV was eliminated from the competition. They were given their prize but the other players could trade them for whatever they wanted.

Memphis was the first to be eliminated and got the POV. Michelle was next and pulled out a ticket for a Hawaiian vacation. She chose not to trade with Memphis. Jessie is the next to be eliminated and wins a slop pass but trades it with Memphis for the POV. April is eliminated and wins $10,000. She does not trade her prize. Jerry was out next and won a letter from home but traded with Jessie to get the POV. He suggested to April that they split her money three ways and “do the right thing” with the veto. She agreed. Libra was the winner of the competition and opened her first place trophy to reveal Jen and Shelia’s used red unitard. Libra traded the unitard with Michelle for the Hawaiian vacation.

Michelle threw a fit about winning the unitard and seemed to forget that Libra won the competition and she lost.

At the POV ceremony Jerry chose not to use the power of veto so April’s nominations stand. The live eviction will be held Thursday.

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