IMGM, TDGI, GETG, ATNP, EXPH, ZVTK Stocks to Watch for Monday, December 28th

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Dallas TX 12/28/2009 11:18 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Our Stocks to Watch tomorrow include IMAGIN Molecular Corp. (OTCBB: IMGM), Target Development Group Inc. (OTC: TDGI), Green Earth Technologies Inc. (OTC: GETG), Atlantis Technology Group Inc. (OTC: ATNP), Expo Holding Inc. (OTC: EXPH) and Zevotek Inc. (OTC: ZVTK).



"Up 800.00% on Thursday"


Detailed Quote:


Imagin Molecular Corporation strategy and focus is dedicated to business opportunities in positron emission tomography (PET) manufacturing and the diagnosis of cancer, heart disease and neurological diseases. PET is an advanced medical diagnostic imaging procedure used by physicians in the detection of certain cancers, coronary disease and neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease. Imagin Nuclear Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary and is a full-service joint venture molecular imaging partner that will own, operate and administer out-patient medical diagnostic imaging centers that utilizes PET and PET/CT scanning equipment. Imagin Nuclear Partners specializes in using evidence based bioinformatics specifically positioned in the market to provide the maximal cost effective benefit to their joint venture partner and the community. Imagin Molecular Corporation is also the Parent of Cipher Multimedia a new Media Marketing and Distribution Solution Company that provides a Distribution Solution for publishers of digital content.


IMGM News:


December 23 - IMAGIN Molecular Corporation to Acquire Planet Green Bottle Corporation


IMAGIN to Trade Common and Preferred Shares for a Large Block of Positron Corporation Equity and for 100% of the Equity of Planet Green Corporation


IMAGIN Molecular Corporation (OTCBB: IMGM) has agreed in a letter of intent to issue 49% of the post capitalization of IMGM in exchange for 84,000,000 Positron Corporation common shares plus 100% of the equity of the Planet Green Bottle, all IMGM shares to be distributed to shareholders or affiliates of Planet Green. Certain Planet Green shareholders have agreed to accept IMGM Preferred Shares which will be convertible into IMGM common shares only if the new company is successful in achieving milestones of revenue of at least (US) $10, $25, $50 and $100 million annually in any year in the next 7 years.


Contingent on achieving the individual milestones, each Class of Preferred Stock will become convertible into 25,000,000 common shares of IMGM. Conversion can be accelerated if the common shares of the new company trade at 50¢ per share or better for 20 consecutive days during that period. A Planet Green shareholder acquired 20,000,000 IMGM common shares payable in exchange for 10,000,000 Planet Green common shares and 10,000,000 Positron Corporation common shares held by the Planet Green shareholder.


The IMAGIN Directors have agreed to recommend a name change of IMGM to Planet Green BioTechnology, Inc. IMAGIN will increase its position as a major shareholder of Positron Corporation, a leading Molecular Imaging company that specializes in nuclear cardiology. Positron utilizes its proprietary product line to provide unique solutions to the Nuclear Medicine community ranging from PET (positron emission tomography) scan imaging to radiopharmaceutical distribution.


Planet Green Bottle Corp. is negotiating to acquire proprietary additives defined as oxo-biodegradable technology that, triggered by oxygen and UV light (sunlight), can cause the 500 billion PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles made annually to biodegrade in a fraction of the estimated 1,000 years. Separately Planet Green plans to develop of its own next generation biodegradable additive for PET plastic bottles and containers.


A Planet Green Bottle (PGB) affiliate financed the development by Wells Plastics (UK) of a unique oxo-biodegradable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottle. PGB is negotiating contracts around the world to incorporate masterbatch additives into branded water, beverage, health and beauty aids, pharmaceutical and any other PET plastic bottle or container in order to address the reduction of plastics in landfills, ditches, rivers and in the oceans, the world’s largest plastic garbage dump.


The amalgamation of the two companies is the subject to due diligence and to the approval of the Boards of Directors and shareholders of each company.


Nick Havercroft, CEO of Planet Green stated, “Planet Green is experiencing a wave of interest around the world. Planet Green’s proprietary additive branded Reverte™ can be used in any and all of the 500 billion PET plastic bottles being sold annually, 75% of which are not being recycled. Planet Green is a unique clean tech company in that is targeting to become a solution to breakdown the plastic bottle back to CO2 and biomass.


“Planet Green is particularly focused on China where it has a joint venture agreement with Fuli (Weihai), a leading plastics company in Shandong province, China. Fuli has agreed to finance the joint venture expansion across China. Separately Planet Green is identifying and negotiating with chemical compounding firms to develop the next generation of additive to enhance current oxo-biodegradable technology. Planet Green intends to continue to promote its Planet Green logo as a brand enhancer for consumer branded products.”




Planet Green Bottle Corporation has financed the development by, Wells Plastics Ltd. of the UK, of a masterbatch additive which causes a PET plastic bottle to become oxo-biodegradable in landfills, ditches, rivers and oceans. Separately Planet Green is developing the next generation of masterbatch additives for PET plastic. Planet Green is a brand enhancer in that the consumer is beginning to search for the Planet Green logo on a brand owner’s label as a sign that the bottles and packaging is eco-friendly and caring of the environment and will oxo-biodegrade over an intermediate time frame. Planet Green markets its product to brand owners globally.



"Up 35.29% on Thursday"


Detailed Quote:


Target Development Group Inc. intends to create, produce, and acquire professionally produced content in Music and Digital Short-Form and Long -Form Programming. The company would integrate social networks and other social networking video sites with its proprietary delivery system. This system would have media players, Built-in Ecommerce Solutions, Streaming Video, VOD, Video Podcasting, Mobile Video and Texting, which in turn support its Channels and Programs. It would produce much of its own original programming, mainly from live sponsored events, which solves licensee and clearance issues. The company provides interactive, targeted advertising (to each room in the house) which is tracked, recorded, and reported for measurable demographic results for the advertiser. The company, through its media division, intends to provide turnkey HD channels and HD programming opportunities for full power broadcasters to fill their digital spectrum or tiers using a proprietary patented delivery platform. Additionally, cable networks, low power stations, mobile networks and any ISP using multipoint acceptance can also receive the HD channels and HD programming from the company through its proprietary delivery platform.


TDGI News:


December 18 - Target Development Group, Hannover House Acquire 10 Video Titles


Videos to Be Released on DVD and Blu-ray in Late Spring, Early Summer 2010


Hannover House, the film and video releasing label for Target Development Group, Inc. (OTC: TDGI) announced the acquisition of video distribution rights to 10 additional titles, including six new release feature films. The programs, under license from Central Film Company and Family Universal Network, will be released by Hannover House on DVD and Blu-ray in late spring and early summer 2010.


Central Film Company has expanded its existing distribution relationship with Hannover House with the addition of six new release features: "Eyes of the Woods," "Allegheny Sunset," "Naked Nerve Endings," "The Sky is Falling," "Static" and "The Wind and the Long Black Scarf."


Los Angeles-based Family Universal Network will provide four animated features — "Treasure Island," starring the voice talent of Hugh Laurie ("House") and Richard E. Grant ("Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties"); "Journey to the Center of the Earth"; "Around the World in 80 Days"; and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." Each will be available as individually packaged DVDs, as well as be part of a three-pack item Hannover will release as "The Jules Verne Classics Collection."


Earlier this week, Hannover House announced a library distribution venture with Elite Entertainment and FOCUSFilms. The total number of titles in the Hannover House library now exceeds 150, including catalog programs, new releases and newly acquired theatrical feature films to be announced in the upcoming months.


"We're pleased to have a solid line-up of diverse, new release videos through 2010," said Eric Parkinson, CEO of Hannover House and Target Development Group. "These titles will provide a significant foundation for our expansion into the higher-profile, theatrical features that ultimately will define the company."


Hannover House was established in 1993 as a publisher of fine literature, and was expanded in 2002 by former Hemdale CEO Eric Parkinson to include film and video products. Attorney and banker D. Frederick Shefte joined Hannover House as President in 2007. Target Development Group, Inc. acquired Hannover House this month in a stock-for-stock swap agreement. For 2010, Hannover House plans to release eight films to theaters, 28 titles to home video, and six new release books.



"Up 53.33% on Thursday"


Detailed Quote: 


Green Earth Technologies produces G-branded superior performing totally green products made with American-grown base oils that utilize the power of nanotechnology to deliver environmentally friendly products with no compromise, meaning consumers can now "do their part" without having to give up performance or value: Save the Earth — Sacrifice Nothing. The G-brand family of products include G-OIL™, G-LUBE™, G-WASH™, G-GLASS™, G-CLEAN™, G-SCENT™, G-WHEEL™, G-PROTECT™ and G-TIRE™, and are offered in a wide range of automotive categories including performance and appearance chemicals. GET products are now available at The Home Depot, Kroger, VIP, National Auto, Fred Meyer, Joe's, participating ACE & True Value dealers, Redners, Trader Horns, The Andersons, Biggs, Bennett Auto, Frank's Auto Supermarket and


GETG News:


November 30 - Green Earth Technologies Reports Nine Month Results


Green Earth Technologies Receives Additional Investment From Techtronic Industries North America


Green Earth Technologies (OTC: GETG), a leading manufacturer and marketer of "green" environmentally safe consumer packaged goods and products, announced today that it has received two additional cash investments and operating support from Techtronic Industries North America, Inc. ("TTI-NA"). This is in addition to an option for additional cash investments by December 31, 2009. TTI-NA sells RYOBI power tools and RYOBI and HOMELITE hand held gas and electric outdoor power equipment, including string trimmers, blowers, chain saws and hedge trimmers. GET is currently a supplier of TTI.


Through this investment, TTI-NA continues to assist Green Earth Technologies with research and development for future outdoor products and will allow them to leverage their SAP accounting system, enabling GET to improve processes around purchase orders, accounts receivable, manufacturing, inventory control and financial reporting. TTI-NA's added support will also allow GET to scale up production to meet the anticipated demand for G-OIL and G1 Racing Oil while further developing new items destined for the shelves this month, including G-FUEL Fuel Stabilizer, G-FUEL Charcoal Lighter Fluid and G-CLEAN Grill & Surface Cleaner, all environment safe and made with American grown base oils. GET will also continue developing and marketing products designed to work specifically in TTI-NA's equipment.


"TTI's additional funding is a testament to their confidence in Green Earth Technologies as we work together to identify and satisfy un-met GREEN consumer needs," said GET Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Jeffrey Loch. "We have a full line up of innovative environment safe high performing green products destined for the shelves in December 2009."


TTI-NA distributes products throughout The Home Depot markets in the USA, Mexico and Canada. It is also the recipient of three coveted awards in 2008 from The Home Depot including the Vendor of the Year Award for Lawn & Garden, the Marketing Award for power tools and Runner Up for Innovation for power tools.




TTI-NA is based in Anderson, SC and is a world-class supplier of superior home improvement and construction tools with a strong commitment to innovation and quality. The portfolio that TTI-NA offers includes a full line of power tool and outdoor equipment products.



"Up 41.38% on Thursday"


Detailed Quote: 


Atlantis Technology Group was formed to establish privately held and publicly traded technology companies that focus primarily on high-growth investments that are at the leading edge of business and technological innovation.


ATNP News:


December 9 - Atlantis Technology Group CEO Invests Over $100,000 for Global Online Television Corporation


Atlantis Technology Group (OTC: ATNP) CEO, Christopher M Dubeau invests over $100,000 for Global Online Television Corporation's IPTV service. It is the intent of these funds to secure the start up costs for the GOTV IPTV service as well as any contracts that are now in place.


Christopher M Dubeau, CEO states, "I have recently liquidated some of my Atlantis Technology Group positions which I purchased earlier this year and invested all the proceeds from the sale for the GOTV IPTV service. Rather than dilute the shareholders with traditional means of raising capital by increasing the issued and outstanding, we believe it to be more beneficial to the shareholders to liquidate some the positions and invest the proceeds directly into the company."




Global Online Television Corporation was originally established by Atlantis Technology Group as a media subsection that would develop research in the advancement of media-based technology. GOTV brings the largest internet protocol television networks together for your home television viewing. IPTV is TV to TV, using standard broadband connections. By using the IPTV and Microsoft Windows Media Player, the video stream is delivered to your home television over broadband internet connection. Any broadband internet connection can be used, so there is no need to change providers. It is fast, simple, and affordable.



"Up 38.24% on Thursday"


Detailed Quote:


Expo Holdings operates in North Wilkesboro, NC. D&D Displays is a wholly owned subsidiary of Expo Holdings, which specializes in custom cabinetry and high end store fixtures for retail vendors such as Newell-Rubbermaid, Inc., Bosch Tool Corporation, Kronotex, USA, and S&K Men's Wear. D&D Displays has been in operation since 2000 and joined Expo Holdings in 2006.


EXPH News:


December 2 - Expo Holdings, Inc. Conducts Shareholder Meeting


Expo Holding, Inc. (OTC: EXPH) releases a summary of statements made by James D. Brown, company CEO and Chairman. The summary is in the form of a special letter to shareholders.


"Dear Shareholders,


"First, I would like to thank our loyal shareholders, without whom our company would not have survived last year's nationwide financial meltdown. Thank you sincerely for your support.


"This year has been exciting and demanding. Survival was foremost on our minds in early 2009 with that transitioning to a growth and investment philosophy in late 2009. From an investment point of view we started this year with a PPS of around .0015 and as of yesterday we were trading in the high .006s to the low .007s. This represents a significant gain in the market cap of the company.


"Management is forecasting $9,000,000 to $11,000,000 in annual sales for 2010 down from previous estimates of $17,000,000 plus. We are revising this based on the best information possible from our retail partners and reports regarding the lagging retail sector. The economy continues to struggle and we believe that any broad based U.S. economic recovery may be delayed into 3rd or even 4th quarter 2010. Management also believes pent up demand exists, and will benefit the company in terms of purchase orders with values exceeding $1,000,000, in late 2009 or early 2010.


"Previously the company announced its intention to spin off its newly formed ETC. division into a private company. Up to an estimated 5% of Expo Holdings, Inc.'s assets may be transferred to the new entity. If approved, this stand alone private entity could secure its own conventional financing, secure appropriate distribution facilities, and operate independently as a debt free distribution / sales and marketing company. As announced earlier, this entity would be completely quiet for some period.


"The company has entered into an agreement to supply a nationwide retailer with our new proprietary product ETC. It is management's best estimate that by January 10, 2010 this retailer will begin store level training and implementation. It is also management's best estimate that this retailer, along with Expo Holdings, will go public with a formal stand alone press announcement in the very near future. Originally, our goal was reveal our finalized plans today, but this was not possible given the retailer's timetable. The company will offer no sales estimates for the ETC. spin-off company except to note that it is expected that the new ETC. entity will eventually dwarf its parent company Expo Holdings, Inc. Shareholders are cautioned that immediate results should not be expected as retail rollouts of this nature take many months or even years to complete. A press release concerning this subject will be released before any 'quiet' period begins.


"The company will remain a 'pinksheet' company for the balance of 2009; however, it has aspirations to trade on a higher exchange. Currently the company is not required to report its financial performance but does so as a courtesy to its valued shareholders. Long term, it is the company's goal to report in a timelier and more efficient manner. Additional accounting staffing is currently under consideration. Shareholders should not expect the company to be fully reporting now, or in next few months. Shareholders are cautioned that we have just emerged from survival mode and we will focus on profitability first, growth second, and shareholder transparency third. It is anticipated that 3rd Quarter financials will be released in the near future.


"The company continues to serve such companies as Kronotex USA, Lowe's Home Improvement, Inc., Harris Teeter, Inc., and many notable others. The company expects these and other customers to strengthen in mid to late 2010, and increase their purchases as they scramble to gain market share amidst recovering retail spending."




At the shareholder meeting the company sought majority approval for its tentative spin off, as well as conducted tours and a question and answer period. If you are a shareholder and were unable to attend and would like to ask a question, email


Expo Holdings operates in North Wilkesboro, NC. D&D Displays is a wholly owned subsidiary of Expo Holdings, which specializes in custom cabinetry and high end store fixtures for retail vendors such as Newell-Rubbermaid, Inc., Bosch Tool Corporation, and Lowe's Companies. D&D Displays has been in operation since 2000 and joined Expo Holdings in 2006.



"Up 31.94% on Thursday"


Detailed Quote: 


Zevotek, Inc. plans to market and sell independently a range of distinct and independent lines of home care and household products. In May 2007, the company entered into a license agreement to sell an energy saving compact fluorescent light bulb named the Ionic Bulb. The company plans to market the Ionic Bulb through TV infomercials, catalogs, magazines and major U.S. retail and specialty stores.


ZVTK News:


December 23 - Zevotek Announces Ionic Bulb TV Ads to Air Starting December 28


Zevotek, Inc. (OTC: ZVTK) (Frankfurt: T5V1), a worldwide direct marketer and distributor of innovative personal and home care items, today announced that starting December 28, it will air its new 2-minute Ionic Bulb TV infomercial on U.S. cable channels. The Company announced that it is buying TV airtime to run the Ionic Bulb ad about 50 times between December 28, 2009 and January 3, 2010, with the ad expected to appear on FOXNews, Hallmark Movie Channel, History International, DIY Network, Planet Green, SOAPnet and New England Cable News Network. TV viewers of the Ionic Bulb infomercial will have a choice of calling a toll-free number to place orders for Ionic Bulbs or visiting to place orders online.


Commenting on the announcement, Zevotek's CEO, Adam Engel, said, "We have been building the business to launch the Ionic Bulb TV campaign and now we are on the launch pad. I am excited to start airing our infomercial on a variety of popular cable channels. The ads will showcase the Ionic Bulb to a wide range of American TV audiences. I look forward to announcing airtimes for Ionic Bulb ads running next week and for the ads that will run in January on these and other major TV channels."


The Ionic Bulb is designed for consumer use by combining the performance features of ionic air cleaning technology with those of a 10,000 hour reduced energy use compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). Mr. Engel added, "I believe Zevotek's Ionic Bulb is the right product at the right time. Ionic Bulbs deliver the money saving value that U.S. consumers want while improving indoor air quality and helping consumers go green. The Ionic Bulb order is the CFL equivalent of a 100 watt bulb equipped with Zevotek's exclusively licensed ionizing technology." is located at 3533 Twin Lakes Drive, Prosper, TX 75078, Telephone: (972) 546-3740, Email: email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it.

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