Mascot Fight Erupts in Oral Roberts IUPUI Championship Game of Summit League Tournament

Atlanta, Ga. 3/14/2008 05:38 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

In a bizarre twist the championship game in the Summit League tournament the battle for a spot in the NCAA Dance spilled over into a brawl between the mascots of Oral Roberst University and IUPUI.


Both Eli the Eagle and Jawz the Jaguar were involved in a skirmish in the first half which was played out on center court. After the two were separated they were informed their mascot duties would be done for the evening.


That wasn’t all for Eli the Eagle though as the student in the costume learned that his duties were done for the remainder of the year.


The fight began as Eli the Eagle and Jawz the Jaguar squared off for a dance-off but it quickly escalated into a shoving match.


Oral Roberts won the game 71-64 to advance to the field of 65.


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