Colorado first-grader suspended for sexual harassment

Aurora 5/07/2012 10:27 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

A six year-old Colorado boy was suspended from school 3 days for quoting lyrics from a popular LMFAO song, “I’m sexy and I know it,” to a classmate.

D’Avonte Meadows said he and the girl were standing in the lunch line when he began reciting the lyrics to her. His mother says she can’t believe he was sent home for sexual harassment.

“I could understand if he was fondling her, looking up her skirt, trying to look in her shirt. That to me is sexual harassment,” Stephanie Meadows, D’Avonte’s mother told Denver’s ABC news station.

D’Avonte is a special needs student who quoted the lyrics to the same girl just a week before, but many question the school district’s choice to charge the boy with sexual harassment.

The school board stated they couldn’t discuss the charges, but noted that the policy defines sexual harassment as any unwanted sexual advances and there is no age limit. It is questionable whether a six year-old understands that singing those song lyrics can be perceived as an unwanted advance.

Federal statue forbids harassment in the workplace and in schools. Sexual harassment attorneys must be able to prove that the workplace abuse was pervasive, repeated, and created a hostile environment in the workplace.

Generally, the victims of harassment must fight to prove allegations of sexual misconduct. These employees must then report the harassment to their supervisors, which often go ignored until the employee retains a sexual harassment lawyer to intervene on their behalf.

A hostile work environment affects all employees and sexual harassment victims may be subjected to emotional distress and sometimes retaliation. A sexual harassment attorney can sue an employer for the back wages and emotional abuse of any employees confronted with these issues.


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