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Jacksonville, Florida 8/25/2009 03:15 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

With the economy at all time lows, most auto insurance companies have been forced to lower their rates.  Shopping online for your next car insurance policy could be the smartest thing you do. When was the last time you checked Florida auto insurance policy renewal?  Auto companies are competing for your business.  Be sure to get your up to date policy review from Edge Auto Insurance, Florida’s premier online insurance brokerage.   

Throughout these challenging, complex economic times, Floridians from all parts of the state are looking for ways in which they can save a few bucks to make ends meet. Regrettably, many people have come to realize that it is necessary to reconsider different levels of insurance coverage and how they spend each dollar on financial products like car and auto insurance.  


You learn about individuals each and every day raising their car insurance deductibles with the idea that they can save money by doing so, explained Morgan Moran, Insurance Consultant of Edge Auto Insurance.  Unfortunately, with growing regularity we also listen to stories of families left in financial dire straits when they decide to go with a really high deductible plan.  Individuals in many instances can’t afford the insurance coverage they purchased when it is time to make a claim. To say that this is a disastrous is not an underestimation.  Be sure to get the correct amount of coverage for yourself or family through a proper needs analysis. 

Morgan went on to clarify that you can usually find a cheaper Florida car insurance policy without raising your deductible.  Shopping auto rates with an online brokerage like us truly gives you or your family the “Edge”.   Having infinite options and solutions available to Floridians separates us from the rest of the pack during these times of economic uncertainty.  The truth is that car insurance remains very affordable.  Getting car insurance quotes from all major carriers, in one place, is a very cost effective way in which to obtain proper coverage, Morgan said. 

Edge Auto Insurance (A division of Moran Property & Casualty) is an independent agency, broker and consultancy. As a result, the firm has accessible to its clientele many different types of Florida auto insurance policies from a variety of highly regarded car insurance companies.  

Our firm has aligned with the most trustworthy, highly regarded car insurance companies in marketplace. Our group realizes that each and every one of our clients will have different auto insurance needs. Consequently, we make every effort to ensure that each of our clients is able to select from the widest range of products possible, Morgan said. 


You can find more information regarding products, reviews, and rates at the Edge Auto Insurance Website, http://www.edgeautoinsurance.com/.  We offer not only the best in auto insurance but we can assist individuals with other types of insurance like; motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, and boat insurance. Furthermore, we offer a full spectrum of insurance and financial solutions for our clients, Morgan noted. 

Getting a better understanding the unique position that each of its clients is in when it comes to car insurance and other types of insurance needs.  Moran Property & Casualty provides a customized policy review for each of its clients upon renewal. Through precise price comparisons, finding the best and most appropriate insurance through Edge Auto is an easy task. Get quotes, compare plans, and apply online today. 




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