RAAM Power, Inc. Announces The Largest Wind/Solar Project by 2008 To Be OnThe Grid

Renewable Energy and Fuel Technolgies Revealed

Salt Lake City 1/29/2007 05:27 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Christy White, President of RAAM Power says "the unique combination of both wind and solar, will guarantee, when the wind is not blowing "On Peak", the sun will be shining". Rocky Mountain Power is a utility that currently buys wind-generated electricity from wind farms. They have expressed their interest in RAAM Powers' unique combination of wind/solar. In addition to their wind/solar project, RAAM Power, is in their first phase of developing a pilot project with Circle Four Farms, (the Western United States largest pig farm) developing ethanol and dymethal ether (DME) through a special patented process using gasification. This process uses low emissions and is still considered green energy, being 100% recyclable. Ms. White is on Governor Huntsman’s' Office Economic Development Energy Summit Committee, which is the first Energy summit of this kind presented in Utah. This is co-hosted by the Utah Governors' Office and National Governors' Assn. and Western Governors' Assn. held in April 2007. RAAM Power will present their new technologies of their gasification and wind/solar project in an exhibit during the conference. RAAM Power, Inc. dedicates itself to the efficient production, use and conservation of renewable energy sources. For over 5 years RAAM Power is in the process of identifying and implementing new technologies for energy that will take full advantage of available resources, proximity to established power grids, and the availability of low or non-polluting energy sources. Through proper management and sound business practices, RAAM Power intends to establish and maintain long-term client relationships, which have been founded on the highest standards of integrity. RAAM Power will also provide the highest levels of service at the lowest possible cost. Through educating and partnering with existing power and mining related companies and implementing new and exciting technology, which involves more efficient methods and equipment at lower cost and by taking advantage of alternative sources of creating energy and transportable fuels, RAAM Power dedicates itself to the efficient production and conservation of renewable energy sources. The Company is currently in discussion with other related businesses to negotiate the possibility of creating partnerships that will be an important component with potential production sites. Methane along with ethanol and DME, all sources of clean green energy, will be used for the possible construction of a power plant using pig manure to produce ethanol/DME as by-product for transportable fuel.



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