Women’s Nutrition – Three Energy Boosting Foods for your diet

Prograde Nutrition reveals the top three energy boosting foods for your women’s nutrition plan

Lutz, FL 10/12/2009 04:20 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Today’s woman leads a multifaceted lifestyle, a lifestyle, which requires a tremendous amount of stamina and energy. Jayson Hunter of Prograde Nutrition reveals three energy boosting foods to include in your women’s nutrition plan. He believes that given the hectic lifestyle a woman may have, it is necessary to provide extra nutritional support in the form of a good women’s nutrition plan. An effective women’s nutrition plan will help a woman meet her body’s nutritional requirements and give a good boost to her overall energy and stamina.


Jayson explains, “Being a woman in today’s world is not easy. Having to juggle work and family life can get pretty hectic and can be demanding on the body. A women’s nutrition plan will at the very least ensure that you eat the right foods to keep your energy levels high during the day”. He adds, “Apart from that, a good women’s nutrition plan can also be effective in keeping certain diseases at bay. Studies have shown that proper nutrition decreases your chances of developing obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the latter stages of your life”. 


Here are Hunter’s top three energy boosting women’s nutrition tips:


1) Eat lots of fruits – Fruits are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals which can improve your energy and stamina levels. They are also an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants.


2) Load up on nuts – Women’s nutrition plan should always include some nuts like almonds. Almonds are a fantastic source of energy boosting vitamins like vitamin B2, vitamin E and zinc.


3) Pop a good multivitamin – Multi-vitamins are a good source of a host of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, etc.



About Prograde Nutrition: Launched in April of 2007, Florida based Prograde Nutrition was created by two fitness professionals concerned with the lack of an ethical dietary supplement company for personal trainers to refer clients to. Prograde does not make its products available in any stores. Instead, customers can only find them online, or through fitness experts they term "Prograde Pros."


The success of the company is largely in part to the faith of the personal training community in the company's founders, Jim Labadie, Ryan Lee, Jayson Hunter and Sammy See.

For much more information, please visit the company's very active blog at: http://www.GetPrograde.com/blog

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