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The Zombie Today Show sees early success online

New York, NY 10/13/2009 01:38 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The Zombie Today Show Commercial

It’s a cross between the All My Children, The Daily Show and Shaun of the Dead and targeted to promote books.  Book Trailer producer Circle of Seven Productions and author Heather Graham teamed up this summer to create an entire season of The Zombie Today Show a comedy that also promotes books.


Sheila Clover English, CEO of Circle of Seven Productions and Executive Producer at Reader’s Entertainment TV where the show airs each Friday, won a Davey Award for her last web show The Lonesome Losers which had a couple of young men using romance novels to give out online love advice. “People want the most entertainment value for their time and effort,” says English who in 2003 trademarked the term Book Trailer and went on to pioneer that market.  English goes on to say, “This show is a great platform for engaging people, giving them the entertainment they desire and introducing them to some great ‘Zombie Approved’ books!”


The first episode received over 10,000 views within the first few days it was released. The Reader’s Entertainment TV website traffic has doubled since the show first aired on October 2nd.  Part of the advertising strategy includes having the 30 second commercial of the show play in a rotation prior to Evil Dead The Musical which plays all month in Louisville, KY. Other advertising will include online ads, social media and a Twitter campaign. The show has been picked up by local and regional television stations that highlight web material and is being played in several states in the US.


The Reader’s Entertainment site has offered book trailers, author interviews and original programming since it went live in 2006. It is a reader destination site and part of the Publisher’s Weekly Book Life program. The Zombie Today Show has its own channel on the site where you can find the shows, zombie commercials, blogs and other entertainment.  The Zombie Guide gives a synopsis of each show which boasts celebrity guests such as Elvis, Heather Graham and Michael Jackson among others.


New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham helped produce the show and has several books and guest appearances.  Authors who have books reviewed include Lori Foster, F. Paul Wilson, Douglas Clegg, Alexandra Sokoloff and others.


There will be twelve episodes in total and accompanying blogs that help tell the back story of how zombies came to live in modern society. The first episode explains, “If they can be taxed, they can be citizens!” The shows include humorous commercial parodies including Crust Toothpaste, Diagra, DatingDead.com and AberZombie.

“We hope people will have fun with it! That’s what it’s all about,” says Sheila Clover English the show creator.


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