Hip Hop Jewelry Company Releases Rare Black Jesus Piece Worn by Kanye West and Jay Z

The Famous Black Jesus Piece Available Exclusively at HipHopBling.com

Columbia, MD, USA 10/19/2009 01:26 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The infamous Jesus piece has always been a popular piece of hip hop jewelry for decades now. Back in the day, Notorious BIG donned his famous “cuban with the Jesus piece” and even rapped about it. Over a decade later the thick, 3D Jesus face pendant is still hot. Rappers are seen wearing them in platinum, gold and decorated with clear or colored stones. Recently, rappers Jay Z and Kanye west made a rare and custom piece, featuring the classic black Jesus piece in black color with black diamonds. This was matched with a black colored ball chain. The look is distinct and unique, and for a while, no one else had them.

Hip hop jewelry company hiphopbling.com, known for pioneering custom designs throughout it's history, has recently released a replica of the black Jesus piece, with an incredibly affordable price to hip hop fans across the world. The black Jesus piece medallion is made with a thick alloy metal with all the details and quality craftsmanship you'll expect from a solid gold piece. The pendant is IP black plated, which results in a glossy black finish that'll last many years. Usually black colored accessories are merely spray painted black, which does not have a high end look to it at all.

The black jesus piece is designed just like the one worn by Jay Z and Kanye west. They have been seen wearing the design numerous times at concerts and nights out in the town. The black Jesus pendant is also studded with black rhinestones, which are crisp and clean looking, giving the high end look of genuine black diamonds, which is what is on the celebrity version. The pendant is also a full 3D design just like the real deal and it has a caged, covered back like what you see on real diamond jewelry.

In addition to the rare black Jesus piece, the item also comes with a free matching black ball chain. The ball style chain is clean and simple, and looks just like the one seen on Kayne and Hov. The black ball chain is versatile and can be worn on many occasions. This pendant and chain set is a hip hop bling exclusive, no one has this same design in the same level of quality. The price is unbelievable. For a direct replica of a black diamond pendant that probably cost Jay and Kanye over $10,000 can be owned by hip hop fans for under $45!

This is a rare and unique piece that is made on a limited production run. Hip hop bling has secured a small number of these black Jesus pendants direct from our jewelry factory. This special low price is only available during this exclusive first shipment launch. All orders will ship on a first come first serve basis. This pendant makes an amazing gift for any fan of Rocafella, Jay Z and Kanye West..

Visit hip hop bling now to see this exclusive black Jesus piece pendant worn by Jay Z and Kanye West. The site also features over 3500 unique hip hop jewelry items.



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