Motivational Speaker Philip Renshaw Seeking Investor

Philip Renshaw is one of America's rising stars on the public speaking circuit.

Hasbrouck Heights 2/16/2007 05:22 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

In addition to being the CEO & Founder of Advanced Business Solutions ( and WWSEN, The World Wide Sports & Entertainment Network (, Philip Renshaw is one of America's rising stars on the public speaking circuit. 
In September of 2003, Phil made a life altering decision. After 13 years, he voluntarily resigned from a six-figure salary to pursue his dream to build a business dedicated to the professional and personal development of people. 
In June of 2005, he published and released the first of what he intended to be a series of audio self-improvement CD's entitled “Commit to Change: Before One Day Change is Forced Upon You.” The feedback he received and the lives that his CD has positively touched was the inspiration behind his upcoming second CD, “Life’s Journey: A Matter of Choice, Not Chance.”
“Life’s Journey” is about making choices and holding yourself accountable for the decisions you make. The simple truth is that the choices you make often determine the direction you will go in your life, the kind of person you become and how others perceive you. This is the foundation of “Life’s Journey.”
"If I had a dollar for every time I was told that I am remiss in not proactively promoting my greatest asset—myself—I would be rich," said Renshaw.
It appears that Renshaw has finally caved under the pressure. He recently was quoted as saying, "The time for me to emerge from under the radar has come."  Renshaw is actively seeking investment and representation of his public speaking career - "someone willing to take this journey side by side with me," said Renshaw.  "If you bet on the favorites and cannot see the trees through the forest, we are not meant for one another," said Renshaw with a high level of confidence.
Phil Renshaw is 42 years old, stands 6’1 tall and weighs in at…well, as Renshaw puts it.."let's just say the high 200 pound range."  His heart is equally as large and his passion, which is evident in his presentations. "This is why Phil connects with people across all socioeconomic and ethnic groups," said ABS Office Manager and Phil Renshaw support, Anne Griffin. 
Long before Renshaw even knew who Joel Osteen was, he was compared to him.  After hearing it enough he bought his book, watched him on TV and has come to respect him as a presenter. According to Renshaw, "The only differences between us are that I outweigh him by over 100 pounds, I am not a preacher (although a very spiritual man), I do not quote scripture, and I am much more dynamic and audience engaging than Joel.:       
At a very young age Renshaw realized that he had been blessed with a gift that allows him to see the world from another person’s point of view. The trials and tribulations that he experienced in his own life motivated him to discover a new way of seeing the world – a desire to stand in another person’s shoes and feel their unique pain and joy.        
In 2005, Renshaw personally delivered over 2000 hours of training and keynote speaking to a wide range of industries, including corporations and the health and social services arenas. According to many folks that have attending his presentations, Renshaw has a wide range of material and can present “off the cuff” on just about any subject. "It is not uncommon for him to ask an audience to pick a topic for me to keynote only 10 minutes prior to me giving the delivery," said Perry Williams, former NY Giant and two time Super Bowl Champ.
Renshaw, is looking to re-release “Commit to Change” and facilitate an upcoming recording “Life’s Journey.” He is looking for a unique individual to join him on his journey to the top of the mountain. If you or someone you know has been looking for an investment opportunity that will yield high dividends, please contact Advanced Business Solutions Office Manager, Anne Griffin, at 201-288-8700, ext 202 or to arrange a meeting. 

If you click on this CD Baby link, you can listen to a sampling of each track of “Commit to Change.” You can also visit the Advanced Business Solutions website to see a sample video presentation.


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