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Luna City, The Moon 10/26/2009 09:37 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Twitter Moonwatch 26/27 October
Join Astronomy.FM, in cooperation with astronomers around the world, as we broadcast an International Year of Astronomy special event:  MOONWATCH!  

AFM*Radio will be joined by astronomers Adrian West and Elias Jordan, in a special 6-hour live astronomy event on October 26th, starting at 3pm U.S. Eastern Time (19:00 UT), and running until 9pm U.S. Eastern Time (01:00 UT). There will be live updates at the top and bottom of each hour.

Ever since humanity has had the ability to look up and wonder about the Universe above us, we have gazed upon the Moon and were awestruck by her beauty and mystery.

The Moon has been a tease - much bigger and brighter than anything else in the night sky, and with fully half of Luna turned away form us, never seen by human eyes.

This is the 50th anniversary of the first time humanity has gazed upon the Far Side of the Moon.  Lunik 3, the Soviet Union's third attempt to discover what lay over the Moon's horizon, transmitted home its first images of a world never before seen by human eyes.  We will celebrate not just this event, but also the history of mankind's burning desire to learn more about our mysterious Moon.

Tonight we will explore the moon using a number of modern technology tools that even the wildest dreamers of the 20th Century could not have imagined.  Moonwatch is a multi-media / new-media project, with live updates on Twitter, live video on Ustream, and live radio and chat on Astronomy.FM.

Follow the
links at Astronomy.FM to learn more, and JOIN US tonight for this special International Year of Astronomy live event!

If you would like to image the moon yourself, you can sign up for 100 FREE credits at Global Rent-A-Scope through a special partnership between Astronomy.FM and Global Rent-A-Scope.  Visit
Astronomy.FM for details.


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