Have you ever wanted to be a talk show host?

WWSEN may be your ticket.

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WWSEN is the Internet Radio divison of Advanced Business Solutions, led by CEO & Founder Philip J. Renshaw.  Advanced Business Solutions specializes in Advertising and Promoting your business.  Advertising and Promotions in its purest form involves any and all activities that are specifically intended to bring a product or service to the attention of new and existing customers.  THAT'S WHAT WE DO.  To learn more about Advanced Business Solutions, please visit our web site www.advancedbizsolutions.com.  

World Wide Sports & Entertainment Network - www.wwsen.com has revolutionized the Internet Radio Industry and pioneered the syndication of LIVE audio & video content to the web. In conjunction with our streaming partner, All In Broadcasting, we have revolutionized the world of Internet radio; we are among the first to syndicate LIVE Internet radio broadcasting. All of our shows also get archived, so listeners can hear them at any time.

Reasons to host a show on WWSEN:

1. You or your company can become a “Thought Leader” in your industry. A WWSEN Radio Show will, in an entertaining and informative format, help create validity and establish expertise. Talk show hosts are always perceived as experts and credible sources.

2. Internet Talk Radio is one of the fastest growing medias of all time. Technology is expanding the reach through increased Internet access.

3. Your own radio show will help you create validity and establish expertise. Talk show hosts are always perceived as experts and credible sources. You will have the opportunity to have a radio show on the same network as other well-known established personalities.

4. A WWSEN Radio talk show will help establish a relationship with the listeners, leading to heightened perception in the public's mind and increased exposure worldwide.

5. Your show will be very beneficial to your receiving interview requests for broadcast radio, television and print.

6. You will receive heightened respect and standing among your peers.

7. Your own show will result in extraordinary networking opportunities for you with your guests, leading to enhanced business opportunities.

8. You will create a national, and even international, audience for your message, your passion, and/or your business, increasing your customer base.

9. Income opportunities through the sale of show sponsorships and or advertisers.

10. There will be numerous opportunities to link to your radio show from various Internet locations, including your own web site, and/or associate web sites. The use of WWSEN’s airwave is an excellent way to extend the reach of a show.


We must be very clear; we get calls everyday from potential talk show hosts that think we are looking to "hire" talent. Unless you are Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern or Art Bell with an audience of millions, you will need to invest your time and money in your show, as we also invest our time, resources, in every show we "host on our network."


So now you have a show but what good is a show without listeners? Advanced Business Solutions affords show hosts with an opportunity to focus on their content and delivery while we focus on increasing your listener base. NOTE: PRESS RELEASES are unlimited throughout the duration of you hosting agreement.

TransWorldNews (TWN) provides the most comprehensive and up to date global distribution of your news. All releases contain:

* Links to Company and Individual web sites hosted by TWN
* Company and Individual profiles
* Archived Press & News releases
* Job postings
* Links to products and services listed on TransWorldNews 
* Contact information.

This program will ensure that your message is submitted directly to the search engine Finditt.com for real time distribution on Finditt News. Press releases will be distributed over all TransWorldNews owned sites and affiliate sites, RSS feeds and a host of other news services that pick up TransWorldNews distributed press releases. Each submitted press release is search engine optimized, providing better search results for your news.   

You may wish to secure a show sponsor to offset the personal investment you will be making in your show. Feel free to use the show sponsorship pricing provided in the WWSEN media kit. http://www.wwsen.com/kit.pdf. Hosting your own show is simple. To follow is a brief outline of how things would work.

1. Pick a day and time that the show would be air each week. Consistency is important.
2. Each week we send a show host and their guest an e-mail that includes a call in phone number and an access code.
3. Your show will be board operated by WWSEN thus any lead ins, exits, and or commercials played during would be handled by our sound technician. Commercials provided by the host. Don’t have a commercial? We can create one for you. Not included in below show pricing.
4. Pricing would include the unlimited press release package, (releases written by host, submitted by me), which we would use to drive listeners to the show.
5. You will be afforded with premium home page placement on WWSEN under "WWSEN Picks." Host provides graphics. We can create the graphic for you at an additional cost.
6. Your show will appear in the WWSEN live line-up, which is syndicated out allowing max exposure.
7. Price = $200.00 per 1-hour show. (Pricing includes all of the above.)

We offer our valued clients with several advertising opportunities on the WWSEN Radio Network. If you have not already done so, please take the time to review our media kit. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.



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