The Holiday Seasons Can Cause the Relapse of Many Recovering Addicts

The Need for a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Jacksonville, Florida 11/28/2009 04:18 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

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 For millions of recovering addicts the holiday season can be a major relapse “trigger”.  While the holidays are supposed to be fun they can become disastrous for many who suffer from the disease of addiction.  Statistics have shown that during a year the holiday season is when recovering addicts are most likely to relapse.


Even though the holiday season is suppose to bring joy and happiness it can also bring tremendous stress and stress is one of the leading causes of relapse.  The recovering addict has a history of using alcohol and drugs to deal with the stress of every day life.  If overwhelmed with stress, which the holiday season brings, and the recovering addict is not taking proper care of him or herself then relapse may very well, occur.  The holiday season can be a distraction to a recovering addicts twelve step program.  If not actively involved in the twelve step program a relapse is more likely to happen. 


The holiday season can bring financial strain to an individual especially with the economy suffering the way it has been.  Between presents, food and travel the average person spends a lot more money then normal during the holiday season.  This is another form of stress that can eventually lead to relapse. 


The disease of addiction is progressive meaning that the drug or alcohol abuse is going to worsen if a relapse does occur.  This means that the addict can go on a downward spiral quickly and lose what they have gained in their sobriety.  Family, jobs and money are all assets that can be lost if a relapse is not handled in the appropriate fashion. 


If a relapse does occur it is important for the addict to get him or herself into a detox facility as quickly as possible.  A detox facility will provide a safe place for the addict or alcoholic to be away from any temptation of abusing their substance of choice, while managing and symptoms associated with withdrawal.  A detox facility will also provide its clients with medical services that will assist with any cravings that they are having.  Cravings for drugs and alcohol are one of the main reasons why individuals continue their drug and alcohol abuse. 


In many cases drug and alcohol treatment is going to be necessary.  Most drug and alcohol treatment programs last a minimum of twenty eight days.  These drug and alcohol treatment programs allow the suffering addict the time that they need to get back on their feet.  They will help their clients realize what happened and where they went wrong so that they are able to avoid the same mistakes in the future.


For more information about detoxification programs or drug and alcohol treatment programs, a toll-free hotline offers help twenty four hours a day.  Don’t hesitate to call our confidential helpline at 1-866-657-4357.


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