Mineral Rights Owners Turn to MineralWeb.com for Answers

Houston, Texas 12/10/2009 03:36 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

As the oil and gas industry touches more and more landowners through natural gas shale development, mineral rights owners across America are turning to MineralWeb.com for answers about making the most of their mineral rights.  The Oil and Gas Mineral Services Co. recently launched MineralWeb.com as an online resource for these mineral and royalty owners.  In fact, two of the natural gas developments, the Barnett shale and the Haynesville shale are encroaching into the city limits of large cities like Fort Worth and Shreveport, whose populous is not generally accustomed to oil and gas activity.  Mineral owners unfamiliar to oil and gas drilling are using MineralWeb.com to discover how to best negotiate gas leases, protect their property rights, and to understand whether or not they even own the minerals under their property.


“We’ve developed a rich resource library specifically for the citizen mineral owner who is looking for plain spoken intelligence about their mineral rights,” says Kenny DuBose, President of MineralWeb.


On the site, users can browse and print educational articles explaining details that owners of minerals and royalties need to know about the oil and gas production process. Some of the most popular articles on the site include “Oil and Gas Lease Negotiating”, “Oil and Gas Basics for the Mineral Owner”, “Mineral Rights Value”, and “Selling Your Mineral Rights”.   


A mineral owner from West Virginia says, “I’m new to all of this, and am in the process of negotiating a pretty significant gas lease.  MineralWeb and their staff has been a great source of information.  What I’ve learned has already helped me get a better deal.”


MineralWeb.com has gained nationwide attention through organizations like the Texas Railroad Commission, National Association of Royalty Owners, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Penn State School of Law, and even the IRS.  Numerous cooperatives who have organized land owners are also promoting MineralWeb to their members.


“Even though we’re a commercial resource, many government and non-profit organizations link to MineralWeb because of our value to their readers.”   Who wouldn’t be interested in maximizing the value of their mineral rights and royalties?” suggests Mr. DuBose. 


The Oil and Gas Mineral Services Company provides strategic business advice and education to America's mineral owners, as well as providing liquidity for oil and gas mineral and royalty owners.  Please call (713) 893-4476 or email your inquiry to info@mineralweb.com should you desire further details.


For more information about the Oil and Gas Mineral Services Company please visit http://mineralweb.com/



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