Brazil-US Custody Dispute Ruling Expected Tomorrow

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Beverly Hills 12/16/2009 03:25 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

A Rio de Janeiro federal appeals court is expected to rule tomorrow on weather 9-year-old Sean Goldman should be returned to his father in New Jersey from Brazil where he’s been living with his mother.


David Goldman’s custody struggle has captured the attention of President Obama, Congress and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but despite the political clout of his supporters, he has not been able to bring his son back.


In 2004, Goldman’s wife, Bruna Bianchi, took Sean to her native Brazil for what was supposed to be a two-week vacation. Instead, she stayed in Brazil with the boy, eventually divorcing Goldman and remarrying in Brazil. She died last year while giving birth to a daughter.


Bianchi’s death generated more interest in the case, which was already making headlines due to an international treaty that covers cross-border child abductions.


The case has been discussed this year by top-level diplomats in Brasilia and Washington, and has been the subject of Congressional hearings in the U.S. and protests in both countries.


On June 1, a judge on the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that Sean should be returned to his father. The return was halted by appeals, all but one of which have been settled—the ruling expected tomorrow on whether the Supreme Court decision was the right one.




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