PokerStars Caribbean Adventure to feature Kelly Rowland

Caribbean Adventure of the EPT or European Poker Tour is going to be more exciting this year.

Quebec 1/06/2010 01:53 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Caribbean Adventure of the EPT or European Poker Tour is going to be more exciting this year. This year the organizer, PokerStars will throw not one but two seaside shindigs. The players will be entertained by the famous US R&B star and a former member of Three Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland. The American performer has been adored worldwide for numbers like. She will be presenting a solo performance this year. As we may remember that last year PokerStars presented rap star and poker enthusiast Nelly at the WSOP or 2009 World Series of Poker party at Las Vegas. Kelly Rowland was also present with Nelly in that show. It is rumored that Nelly will also be a part of the tournament this year.

Kelly Rowland tasted her first success in 2002 with Survivor. Since then she has been enchanting the listeners with her solo numbers.  

Other than Rowland and Nelly musical superstars like Katy Perry was a part of the PokerStars event. Also, LeBron James, the NBA star appeared in Drake’s video “Forever” where he was seen to play at the virtual table of PokerStars. Rihanna, the famous R&B start PokerStars chips in her video that definitely popularized the organization.

The first open-invite welcome cocktail party was held on January 4, Monday, during 7 p.m to 9 p.m. and the second party will be on January 9. The venue of the first party was Atlantis Resort Royal Deck. This will be held at Paradise Harbour on from 9 p.m. onward. Players will be free to bring one companion with them in the party. A considerable section of the media will also be present to enjoy the evening.  PCA is one of the major non-US live poker events with fabulous prize money. Players main win great prizes. Last year the winner was Poorya Nazari who grabbed $3,000,000 who qualified through online satellite matches.


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