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Dallas Tx 1/06/2010 11:11 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Our Stocks to Watch tomorrow include ChromoCure Inc. (OTC: KKUR), David Loren Corp. (OTC: DLCR), Cyclo3pss Corp. (OTC: OZON), On Track Innovations Ltd. (Nasdaq: OTIV), Metatron Inc. (OTC: MRNJ) and American Lithium Minerals Inc. (OTCBB: AMLM).



"Up 133.33% on Tuesday"


Detailed Quote: http://www.otcpicks.com/quotes/KKUR.php


ChromoCure develops and provides proprietary cancer detection systems. The Company owns its technology and provides its systems on a revenue sharing basis. The Company's proprietary ChromoCure CS200 Chromosomal Scanner system measure the unique genomic characteristic found in 100% of all cancers and never found in normal cells. The Company believes its technology has an effective accuracy of 100% for all cancers at all stages. The Company believes its technology superior and will become the gold standard for cancer detection worldwide. The Company's technology and cancer expertise also suggest non-toxic and non-invasive approaches to cancer therapy and cure research. The Company will release progress reports on these initiatives from time to time.


KKUR News:


January 5 - ChromoCure Announces Mayo Clinic Research Confirms Its Technology and Chromosomal Basis of Cancer


ChromoCure, Inc. (OTC: KKUR) announced the basis for the Company's technology confirmed by recent Mayo Clinic researchers. Their findings, which appear in the current issue of the journal Cancer Cell, along with an independent commentary on the discovery, end a major controversy in the field of cancer research as to whether aneuploidy is a cause or a consequence of cancer and further proves the aneuploidy basis of cancer. The research may be accessed here:




This recent publication enhances the company's international activities to promote its cancer detection system and related technology through its ChromoCure Cancer Research & Diagnosis Centers program. The research further confirms the chromosomal theory of cancer and immediately establishes the company's technology in the forefront of both cancer detection and research.


ChromoCure's proprietary CS200 Chromosomal Scanner system and related technology is specifically designed to target the unique chromosomal characteristics demonstrated in the Mayo Clinic research. Detecting the unique chromosomal signature of cancer yields an effectively 100% accurate method of detecting all forms of cancer at all stages.


The company's systems detect the single characteristic found in 100% of all cancers at all stages, and never found in normal cells. The company therefore believes its technology detects cancer with an effective 100% specificity and effective 100% accuracy. The Company's technology also objectively measures, with high precision, the level of cancer present and its stage of progression.




Mayo Clinic is the first and largest integrated, not-for-profit group practice in the world. Doctors from every medical specialty work together to care for patients, joined by common systems and a philosophy of "the needs of the patient come first." More than 3,700 physicians, scientists and researchers, and 50,100 allied health staff work at Mayo Clinic, which has campuses in Rochester, Minn., Jacksonville, Fla. and Scottsdale/Phoenix, Ariz.; and community-based providers in more than 70 locations in southern Minnesota, western Wisconsin and northeast Iowa. These locations treat more than half a million people each year.



"Up 100.00% on Tuesday"


Detailed Quote: http://www.otcpicks.com/quotes/DLCR.php 


Founded in 2006 by apparel industry executive David Loren, David Loren Corporation (www.davidlorencorporation.com) is engaged in the design, production and wholesale merchandising of quality 'Moderate to Better- price point' women's apparel to major department stores, mass merchants, specialty chains and direct-to-consumer merchants. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the Company designs and produces private label product and four distinct product lines that include David Loren Collection, David Loren Dress, David Loren Beverly Hills, and David Loren Studio. Each brand is differentiated by its own distinctive styling, pricing strategy, distribution channel, and target consumer. The Company contracts for the manufacture of its product lines through a worldwide network of quality manufacturers.


DLCR News:


December 15 - David Loren Corporation Announces New Trademark Initiative


David Loren Corporation (OTC: DLCR) announced that the Company is in serious talks with a leading international retailer that operates more than 8,000 stores worldwide to launch a new brand that would be exclusive to the chain. If the brand initiative is approved, David Loren would design and merchandise the new line to enhance the current assortment in their Women's Apparel Department.


"We are very excited to have the opportunity to present an exclusive brand initiative to a retailer that has not only a strong U.S. but also a global presence. We believe that merchants in today's retail market want to provide their customers with a shopping experience that is unique to their business, and that they are trending toward allocating a greater percentage of their receipt plans to private or exclusive-branded product. If we are successful in moving forward with this particular brand initiative we hope to expand its potential into other departments including Men's and Children's Apparel, and ultimately into the Home Department," said president and CEO David Loren.



"Up 92.86% on Tuesday"


Detailed Quote: http://www.otcpicks.com/quotes/OZON.php


Cyclo3pss Corporation engages in the licensing, manufacture, sale, and installation of ozone food processing products; and ozone washing and laundry sorting and counting systems for commercial and institutional laundries. It also engages in the research and development of technologies for the sterilization and/or disinfection of certain consumer products. The company was founded in 1927. In July 2002, the Board of Directors of Cyclo3pss determined to suspend all operations of the company immediately due to an inability to locate willing investors and to secure necessary and suitable financing.


OZON News:


January 5 - Cyclo3pss Corporation Confirms Status as a Shell Company


In light of the recent increase in trading activity in its common stock, Cyclo3pss Corporation (the “Company”) (OTC: OZON) wishes to confirm that it: (i) continues to have no operations and no assets; (ii) may be deemed to be a shell company; and (iii) has no current prospects for any change in its status.



"Up 89.27% on Tuesday"


Detailed Quote: http://www.otcpicks.com/quotes/OTIV.php


Established in 1990, OTI designs, develops and markets secure contactless microprocessor-based smart card technology to address the needs of a wide variety of markets. Applications developed by OTI include product solutions for petroleum payment systems, homeland security solutions, electronic passports and IDs, payments, mass transit ticketing, parking and loyalty programs. OTI has a global network of regional offices to market and support its products. The company was awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2005 and 2006 Company of the Year Award in the field of smart cards.


OTIV News:


January 5 - OTI Wins Over $30 Million in Contracts for National eID Program


Advance Payment Received; Project is Cash Flow Positive


On Track Innovations Ltd. (Nasdaq: OTIV) (OTI), a global leader in contactless microprocessor-based smart card solutions for homeland security & eID systems, payments, petroleum payments and other applications, announced today that it had signed contracts relating to a national eID program with total consideration that exceeds $30 million. Revenues from this Project in 2010 are expected to be over $20 million. An advance payment has been received to support the initial stages of the project which have already commenced.


The award of the project follows a successful completion by OTI of a pilot program and provides for the supply of new biometric-based electronic ID cards and other official documents (relating to birth, death, marriage, etc.), as well as the equipment required for the setup of the document issuing stations country-wide.


The contracts provide for the supply of OTI's end-to-end turnkey solution, based on its proprietary state-of-the-art, field-proven eID Magna™ platform. The solution includes supply of both stationary and mobile stations for data enrollment and issuing stations, and the creation of a central national registry database, as well as the provision of contactless, highly-secured smart ID cards and a Biometric Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), to detect and prevent double registration attempts by the same ID applicant.


OTI's secured ID solution supports both online and offline communication, thereby allowing every citizen, living in cities and rural areas, to apply for an ID card regardless of the area's communication infrastructure. This user-friendly solution is designed to provide maximum accuracy and security.


Oded Bashan, Chairman and CEO of OTI, stated, "We are proud to be part of this remarkable technological development and modernization effort. We are confident that the success, quality commitment and reliability OTI demonstrated in the pilot program has contributed to the continuation of the project."



"Up 71.43% on Tuesday"


Detailed Quote: http://www.otcpicks.com/quotes/MRNJ.php 


Metatron Inc. is a diversified internet holding company with a mission to harness the power of today's online and wireless consumer interactivity to make daily life easier, more productive and more entertaining for people all over the world. Our objective is to acquire high potential internet properties and to monetize those operations based on our extensive experience and knowledge of Web 2.0, the second generation of web development and design that facilitates nearly-universal communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the web.


MRNJ News:


January 5 - Metatron to Bring Thousands of Classic Movie and TV Titles to Your Mobile Phone


New Agreement With DMA Creates Video Content Delivery System for Mobile Platforms


Metatron Inc. (OTC: MRNJ) announced that it has entered into an agreement with Digital Management Associates LLC of Carlisle, MA to bring its library of classic movies and television shows to the iPhone and Droid mobile platforms.


Digital Management Associates LLC is a 20-year-old company specializing in the distribution of classic "evergreen" movie and TV content, spanning all genres including Sci-fi, Horror, Westerns, Martial Arts, Drama/Comedy, and classic TV. Over the years, DMA has provided both proprietary as well as public domain content to companies as diverse as National Amusements, Warner Brothers, NBC-Universal and National Geographic, as well as to home video distributors such as Madacy Entertainment, Mill Creek, and many others.


"Our first iPhone Video Delivery app has been submitted and approved by Apple, and we have dozens of titles on sale now," said Joe Riehl, Metatron's CEO. "While we certainly are not yet a household name like Netflix or Blockbuster, we can now bring classic movie content to millions of mobile devices, and expect to be releasing thousands of titles in the coming months."




i-Mobilize's mission is to be a leading global provider and developer of mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, T-Mobile's G1 and other mobile devices. Strategy Analytics claims the mobile content market will reach $67 billion in 2009, up 18% from 2008.



"Up 66.67% on Tuesday"


Detailed Quote: www.otcpicks.com/quotes/AMLM.php 


American Lithium Minerals Inc. is an early stage lithium exploration company engaged in evaluating, developing and acquiring lithium projects, with a focus on the USA.


AMLM News:


January 5 - American Lithium Minerals Acquires 5 New Exploration Brine Projects in Nevada


American Lithium Minerals, Inc. (OTCBB: AMLM) (the "Company") announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 5 grassroots exploration brine projects in Nevada from Gold Summit Corporation. Stated Hugh Aird, CEO and President of American Lithium Minerals, "We are extremely optimistic about the potential of these new properties, and in the fact that we continue to identify superior opportunities for potentially lithium rich properties." Mr. Aird continued, "With the United States governments growing interest in domestic production of lithium being such an important component of their green energy plan, it will become more and more advantageous for us to control significant resources of this particularly important element."


As a result of lithium-ion battery demand for hybrid-electric and electric cars, the increase in demand for lithium carbonate is expected to increase four-fold by 2017. High demand and low supply has already pushed lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) prices to US$6,600.00 per ton. There is currently only one producer of lithium carbonate in the United States; Chemetall's Clayton Valley Operation. The Great Basin of the United States represents excellent potential for the discovery of new lithium brine deposits and American Lithium Minerals is well positioned for detection with both its current and five newly acquired projects.




Lithium is used for batteries, specialty glass, lubricants, pharmaceuticals and lithium alloys. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries have become the rechargeable battery of choice in cell phones, computers, hybrid-electric cars and electric cars. GM, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, Chrysler-Fiat, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tesla, Saturn and Mercedes-Benz have all announced plans to build Li-ion battery-powered cars. Demand for lithium-powered vehicles is expected to increase fivefold by 2012. The domestic automotive industry must secure a lithium source to supply the next generation of hybrid-electric and electric vehicles. Over 60% of cell phones and 90% of laptops use lithium batteries. The worldwide market for lithium batteries is estimated at over $4 billion per year.


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