Tim Cox sees election as a victory for independent voters

Charlotte, NC 1/22/2010 01:05 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

 “Massachusetts voters are 51% Independent, 36% Democrat and 13% Republican,” commented Tim Cox, founder of “Get Out of Our House.   “They voted against big party politics and rejected massive spending and government controlled health care,” he said, referring to Tuesday night’s win by Scott Brown (R)  in the race for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat. “This is a victory for independent voters and a loss for two-party dynasties and hand-picked successors.”


Cox senses a new burst of electoral independence in the body politic will bring the GOOOH plan to replace all 435 House members to a successful conclusion.  “We’ve had an excellent response to our events all across the country,” says Cox.  This week’s rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, brought together two hundred interested citizens for a practice candidate selection session.  Charlotte area citizens have been impressed at the response of the local media, out in full force to cover the story. See CBS affiliate WBTV’s coverage of the GOOOH phenomenon here.  News stories have evolved from “crackpot idea” to “popular idea that can’t work” to “good idea that may actually have a chance.”  Media coverage continues to bubble well after the event, with Charlotte citizens carrying on energetic discussions about GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE on local talk radio.  See Fox Charlotte WCCB-TV coverage of the event here. 


Tim Cox continues to travel the country, explaining how Get Out Of Our House will empower Tea Party groups, other independent citizen groups and individuals who feel poorly represented by the Congress. His schedule includes extensive stops throughout Pennsylvania and New York, with national radio and TV interviews from the road.  Go to WWW.GOOOH.COM to see Tim’s travel schedule.





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