Pension Property Vet Businessman Robert Shumake Announcing new Blog

Robert Shumake invites everyone to follow his new blog created to increase public awareness on pension fund fraud

Detroit, MI 2/01/2010 02:02 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Detroit, Mi – Robert Shumake is a Michigan business professional who helped GM save Detroit Pension funds.  In a six-week negotiation, Robert Shumake and his team of businessmen were able to keep GM to only a 10% reduction in the rents for 5 state of the art plants. 


At the same time Mr. Shumake was able to maintain the security for equitable and Detroit pension fund mortgages by doing a loan modification.  This allowed both mortgages to maintain cash flow and keep GM in the plants so the security did not lose value.  The bottom line is that Robert Shumake’s negotiations kept plant open, providing jobs and keeping security in place at its highest value while maintaining a cash flowing asset for the pension fund. 


Robert Shumake is the CEO of Inheritance Capital Group, a private equity real estate investment and development firm managing nearly 3 million square feet and a $200 million dollar real estate portfolio. 


Robert Shumake is very active in community service projects and fundraisers to help those who are less fortunate.  From toys and turkeys for Christmas to College Scholarships for teens, Robert Shumake gives back to the community in so many ways.  His newest blog was created to promote public awareness on pension fund fraud.  Read his latest post at


The Robert Shumake Foundation strives to promote home ownership, entrepreneurship and education to provide opportunities for high school students to attend college and to increase the financial stability and independence of all people.  




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